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Say hello to October’s Babe From The Basement Susan Adriensen

Susan Adriensen is one of the most talented actresses around.  She takes a movie role and puts her own touch on it like no one else can.  She has written and directed a film called “Under The Ravens Wing”,  starred as the derranged Sno Cakes in “The Blood Shed”.  Her latest film it the awesome “Psycho Street”.  This film includes 4 different short films and Suzie is in 2 of the shorts playing two totally different characters which really showcase her talents as an actress.  It has to be seen to believed.  I interview this wonderful lady a few months ago and that interview can be found on the interview page of this web site.  Check out Susan Adriensen’s Babe From The Basement Page now!!!

Click here to view Susan’s Babe From The Basement Page

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Midnight Syndicate’s “Carnival Arcane” CD Review

Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka formed Midnight Syndicate almost 15 years ago and have just released their 14th cd.  This one is called “Carnival Arcane” and has to be one of the very best in the bands disography so far. Be transported back to the hay days of the circus carnival.  If you are a fan of the bands you will not want to miss this one.  And if you are not check it out, you will become one.

Click here to read my review of “Carnival Arcane” by Midnight Syndicate

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Dawn Wells audio interview posted

For three years Dawn Wells played the role of Mary Ann on the hit sit com Gilligans Island. She was and still is Americas sweetheart. Guys wanted to date her and girls wanted to be her. She went on to appear in The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Return To Boggy Creek and tons of TV shows. While Dawn was at the Monster Bash this past June, she was kind enough to sit down and talk to me about her career including the new book she is writing Ask Mary Ann. Join me in welcoming Dawn Wells to the Monsters From The Basement Family!!!

Click here to listen to my interview with Dawn Wells

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Flickering Candle Productions “Deadest Gender” Poster

Have you see the poster for Flickering Candle’s latest film “Deadest Gender”?  Set in the future a group of women are fighting for one million dollars as well as their life’s on a survival reality show.  Starring Monsters From The Basement’s regulars Goldie Fatale and Andie Noir plus several other actress from the Nashville area who will be featured here on this website in the near future.  I can’t wait for to see this movie!!!

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Audio interview with Dave Harlequin of Stiff Magazine

I picked  up my first copy of Stiff Magazine at Con Nooga this past January.  It has all that a horror geek would want to read about between the front and back covers.  Movie reviews, pretty ladies, video game reviews, pretty ladies, technology reviews, pretty ladies, music reviews and much, much more. Did I mention pretty ladies?  Dave Harlequin is editor in chief of Stiff and I asked him if he would like to do an interview for Monsters From The Basement and he agreed. I learned alot about what goes into each issue. Join me as I chat with Dave Harlequin.

Click here to listen to Dave’s interview

Click here to go to the Stiff Magazine website

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Yvette Vickers 1928 – 2011 RIP Beautiful Lady

I was thinking about Yvette Vickers just this past weekend.  Wondering how she was doing, what she was doing and why we never hear anything about her.  The following day we did hear something about her.  But it was not the story that we wanted to hear.  A neighbor who noticed yellowing letters in her mailbox and cobwebs around the door to her house forced the door open to find a terrible discovery.  The almost mummified body of what is believe to be Ms Vickers.  I was deeply saddened to hear that someone that I had admired for so long had to die such a lonely death.

Yvette Vedder was born in 1928 to Charles and Iola Vedder who were both Jazz Musicians.  Young Yvette sent a lot of her childhood days on the road with mom and dad.  Later on she enrolled at the Univeristy of California Los Angeles to take classes in journelism.  She later fell in love with acting and decided to add acting classes.

While taking acting classes she was discovered and appeared in several commericals for White Rain hair products.  She was living in New York at the time but decided to move back to California to have a better chance at breaking into acting full time.

Still using her birth name, Yvette Vedder, she landed a small uncredited role in a film called Sunset Blvd.  Her 4 year marriage to Don Prell can to an end in 1957.  It was this same year that she appeared in the Jame Cagney directed movie Short Cut To Hell.  The following year 1958 she starred as Honey Parker in the Sci-Fi classic Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman.  Later this same year she was in another film The Giant Leeches.

In July of 1959 Vickers appeared as the Playmate of the month in Playboy magazine.  The photo shoot was done by movie producer Russ Meyer.  Her pictures also appeared in several other  mens magazines and in several tv shows as well.  She married actro Leonard Burns only to divorce later that year.

The acting roles were few and far between for the remainder of her life. She had small parts in I, Mobster,  Pressure Point, Beach Party and Bikini Beach. Her last film role was in the the 1989 film Evil Spirits along side Karen Black, Arte Johnson and Michael Berryman.  She also had a successful carreer as a real estate sales woman.  She was also working on a biography of her life in recent years.

It really depresses me to think that a person who was so beautiful and talented spent the final years of her life living alone without a soul coming by to see her or take care of her needs.  The police said that she body could have been there a year rotting and decaying without anyone having a clue that she was dead.  Maybe that is the way she wanted to die, alone with no one around.  If I had known her it would not have been that way.

May you rest in peace lovely Ms Yvette Vickers. You star will shine on in my eyes forever.

James Downing

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Audio Interview with Darkest Jack

I got to meet many cool Horror Hosts at Horror Hound last month and one of my favorites was Darkest Jack who hosts the horror talk show The Darkest Hours. I talked with Darkest Jack about his show, favorite movies, favorite actor and more.

Click here to listen to my interview with Darkest Jack

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