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Are You Ready For Scarefest?

11760100_10153538281119489_1573469065153247463_n                                  Scarefest returns to Lexington Center Sept 11-13th.

                                    Click here to view the guest list for this year!

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Don’t Miss This Years Scarefest – Double The Size & Double The Fun!!!

Click here to view the guest list at this years show….

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Audio Interview with Ashley Laurence Posted!


Ashley Laurence has done movies, television, commericals and she is a very talented artist as well. Perhaps she is best know for her role a Kirsty Cotten from the first three Hellraiser films. Ashley was a guest at this years Scarefest in Lexington Ky and I jumped at the chance to interview her. She is a very sweet lady and I totally enjoyed talking with her!!!

 Click here to go to Ashley’s interview page



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Kayla Perkins is December’s Babe From The Basement!!!


Click here to go to Kayla’s Babe From The Basement page

 Kayla Perkins is a long time friend of us here at Monsters From The Basement.  In fact she was one of the very first interviews that I did when I first started the website.  Kayla is from the Kentucky area and has had acting parts in many independent films as well as some big budget films as well.  Her acting credits include “Hell House”, “Red River”,  “Santa Claus Vs The Zombies”,  as well as “Country Strong” and “Secretariat”.  She has also modeled for many magazines and print ads.  Kayla has a very promising carreer ahead of her. 





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Scarefest 2012 – Lexington, Ky

I am lucky to have several very cool horror conventions that happen each year in my area.  Full Moon, Fright Night and Scarefest are three of my very favorite shows to attend.  The 2012 Scarefest was held the last weekend in September.  This is one show that just keeps getting bigger and better each year. The thing that I like about Scarefest is that it is held in one very huge room.  There is plenty of room to get around and you don’t have everyone bumping into each other at the peak times of the weekend.  Full Moon went to this type of set up this year and I really wish that a lot of other conventions would look into this as well.


For the past two years Scarefest has invited the press to attend a special pre show event that features a lot of the celebrities walking down the red carpet and posing for pictures and answering any questions that we might have for them.  Also this year several of the stars were hanging around outside the main door going into the show.




Dee Wallace


Michael Berryman and Dee Wallace


Arron Goodwin hamming it up for the cameras


Our friend Jeff Wickedbeard was on hand all weekend.  Jeff dresses up as several characters from horror movies.  He also makes the costumes himself and I have to say they look amazing.


As the time for the show to open drew near there was a ribbon cutting ceremony and since Jeff was dressed as Jason,  it was only fitting that he cut the ribbon to start things off in a true horror manner!

Horror fans waiting to get into Scarefest

The Red Carpet Event

After the ribbon cutting ceremony the stars started to gather to walk down the red carpet.

Here are pictures of some of the celebrities attending


Victor Miller, the creator of Jason and Friday The 13th


Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes and The Devils Rejects



Special effects master Cleve Hall and his daugther Constance.  The are featured on the TV show The Monster Man.  Cleve’s work has been featured in countless films.  He is a true believer in making movie monsters without using CGI effects.  I have to tip my hat to him for that.



Dee Wallace, Tyler Mane and Scout Taylor Compton sharing a laugh on the red carpet.



Doug Bradley and Nicholas Vince from Hellraiser


 Doug Bradley


Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby and Miko Hughes from Pet Sematary


Clive Barker and Malcolm McDowell were booked as guests but both had to cancel because of illnesses.  There was a table set up where you could sign get well cards that would be sent to them after the show.


Paranormal ghost hunters The Booth Brothers are regulars at Scarefest and are very popular with the fans.


Scott, Joe, Susan and Paul from Ghost Hunters International


Susan Slaughter From Ghost Hunters International


Fan favorite Derek Mears



Oh my god!!! Where’s Carl????


Screen writer Charles Edward Pogue who’s credits include The Fly, Psycho 3 and Dragonheart


Candyman himself Tony Todd


J.D. Feigelson who wrote one of my favorite horror movies of all time Dark Night Of The Scarecrow


Arron Goodwin

Tucky Williams and Friends

I first met Tucky Williams at a convention in Chattanooga, Tn several years ago.  Since then she has become one of my favorite actresses.  Her hit web series Girl/Girl Scene has taken off like a rocket and is watched by people all over the globe.  Girl/Girl Scene had a table at this years Scarefest and several of the actresses from the show were there to meet their fans.


Interviewing Lauren Virginia Albert


Interviewing Katie Stewart, she was such a sweet lady.


Interviewing Abisha Uhl who not only stars in Girl/Girl Scene but is also the lead singer of Sick Of Sarah


Me with Tucky Williams


Tucky signing some stuff for me



 Some of the other celebrities


I was really looking forward to meeting Scout Taylor Compton




Miko Hughes

 Denise Crosby

 Dale Midkiff

The always sweet Dee Wallace

Beautiful Lisa Marie

 I really enjoyed talking with Meg Foster.  We talked about her role in the film Carney.  He costars were Gary Busey and Jodie Foster.

Because of a weld accident Ashley Laurence is unable to make pictures because of the risk of the cameras flash going off.  She told me it felt like a lighting bolt going threw her head.  But she was nice enough to give me a picture of herself to use in our review.  Thank you Ashley!

RJ Haddy and Beki Ingram from Season 2 of Face Off were at the show all weekend doing make up on fans.

Dee Wallace

Tyler Mane

Victor Miller

Chris Sarandon

Edward Douglas of the band Midnight Syndicate whose music was featured in the film The Dead Matter

Special effects artists Cleve and Constance Hall

There was a group of young girl dancers from The Scapa Dance Exchange School For The Creative And Preforming Arts who danced to the title track of Michael Jaskson’s Thriller album in honor of the lps 25th Anniversary.  They were a very talented group or young ladies.


Actress Kayla Perkins

With Michael Graves from the band The Misfits

Circus Envy and Jerry Dewayne Lester

The Fans In Costume

I think Scarefest attracts some of the best fan costumes of any show we attend.  Check out these pictures of a few of the cool costumes.

A couple of fans of The Booth Brothers


 Friend Frank with a couple of Predators

Jeff Wickedbeard as The Creeper


I always love checking out the vendors at horror conventions and Scarefest has some of the best.

A haunted mini putt putt golf course from Putt 2 U

A face only a mother could love

Ever laid down in a coffin? You could do it and get your picture made at Scarefest.

This lady was in The Hot Seat from The Scream Park

These pictures are just a small sample of what was going on at Scarefest this year.  There were many other stars, vendors, paranormal investigators at this years show.  This is one show you want to attend if you are into horror in anyway.  It just keeps getting bigger and better each year.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Patti Starr and Chip Coffey for putting on a great horror convention.  And also to Nic Brown for making us with Monsters From The Basement feel very welcome! Thanks guys and we will see you in Lexington Ky again next year!

Scarefest Website

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Tucky Williams returns to Monsters From The Basement

I interviewed the beautiful Tucky Williams last year at the Scarefest in Lexington Ky.  At that time she was just starting her web series Girl/Girl Scene.  That interview has became the most populare Monsters From The Basement interview ever.   Since then the show has taken off like a rocket and shows no sign of slowing down.  The show centers around a group of women and the experiences of their everyday lifes in the gay community.  Watching the show, you can tell that this lady puts her all into each and every episode.  The interview I did with her last year is my most popular interview to date.  I was able to catch up with her at this years Scarefest and I hope her fans love this one as much as they did the first one.  She is one increditable lady.   Tucky has appeared in several indie horror flicks and was the host of a morning news show in Kentucky as well as being a meteorologist too.  Join me as I once again talk with Tucky Williams.

Click here to listen to my interview with Tucky Williams

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Scarefest 2011 Recap And Review

This was the second year that I attended Scarefest.  I was really impressed last year and I was blown away this year.  This show is well planned out and very organized. The main thing that I love about Scarefest is that it is held in one large convention area and not several smaller rooms.  I think all of the larger conventions should look at this type of set up.  I for one do not like to be shoulder to shoulder contact everyone around me.  Especally in the vendor roooms. It makes it so much easier to look at what everyone has for sale and you don’t feel as rushed to get away from the table and let someone else look.

One cool thing that Scarefest did for the media this year is provide us with a “red carpet” event and allow us to take pictures of the stars as they entered the building on Friday.  I thought this was a nice way to kick the convention off.

John Dugan from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Actor James Hampton from Teen Wolf and Sling Blade among others

From Nashville Tn, tattoo artist and organizer of the Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention along with his wife actress/model Stacey Dixon

Also from Nashville, Jim O’Rear and Bryan Wilson

One of my favorite actresses, Tucky Williams

John Franklin from the movie Children Of The Corn, front and back

Also from Children Of The Corn, Courtney Gaines

The beautiful Lea Thompson

Lea starred in Back To The Future, Howard The Duck and many other films

Ernie Hudson from Ghost Busters

Zach Galligan from the movies Gremlins and Waxwork

Making a rare convention at Scarefest this year was Lin Shaye.  She starred in There’s Something About Mary, Detroit Rock City and Nightmare On Elm Street

Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn were at Scarefest screening their new film The Victim.  I attended the screening and thought it was a really good movie. I will be reviewing it here on the web site in the next week

From Mad TV, comic and author of The Brain Eaters Diary, Pat Kilbane

Erin Gray, who starred in Buck Rogers and Jason Goes To Hell was a guest this year at Scarefest

He appeared as Bishop in the second Alien film, Lance Henriksen

Always a convention favorite, Bill Mosley

Jonathan Tiersten & Felissa Rose from the 80’s flick Sleepaway Camp

Actor and stuntman Kane Hodder

Danielle Harris and Brianne Davis were promoting their new movie Among Friends

Although the Paranormal/Ghost Chashers shows are not my thing,  it is for a lot of people and there were a lot of guests from that genre at Scarefest as well.  Here are The Booth Brothers

Amy Bruni

Paranormal State The New Class

Zak Bagans

Chip Coffey

Aaron Goodwin

Artist Joel Robinson working the red carpet

Joel Robinson had a huge vinyl banner printed of his offical Scarefest poster.  He sold tickets for a dollar each and on Saturday Night he drew out a ticket and that ticket holder won the banner. It was autographed by all the stars from Scarefest.  Proceeds went to spina bifida research.  I wanted to win it bad. Here Michael and Jennifer are signing the banner.

There were several Q & A sessions that I attended over the course of the weekend. The first one featured three cast memebers of my all time favorite horror flick Return Of The Living Dead.  Beverly Randolph, Don Calfa and the Ultimate Scream Queen herself Linnea Quigley answered questions about the film and talked about  Beverly’s upcoming doccumentary More Brains – A Return To The Living Dead

Beverly, Don and Linnea at the Return Of The Living Dead Q & A session

From time to time at conventions you will meet a star or stars who really stand out in your mind as really nice people.  These three are in that group.  Beverly has one of the most brightest personalities that I have ever know.  Don was such a nice guy.  I walked with him back to the hotel after the VIP party Saturday night and you can tell how much he appericates his fans and fans of the movie.  And then there is Linnea.  What can I say about her.  She has been my all time favorite horror actress for many many years.  It was nice to get the chance to sit down with her and talk about many different subjects.  I will never forget this part of the weekend.  Meeting them was a real dream come true for me.  Thanks to Scarefest for bringing them to the show.

Beverly Randolph

With Don Calfa

 With Linnea Quigley

The second Q &A I attended was after the screening of Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn’s new movie The Victim.  The film was awesome and I really wanted to hear Jennifer and Michael talk about it.  If you get a chance to see this horror/comedy do so.  I think you will enjoy it.

Jennifer Blanc

After the Q & A for The Victim, Michael left the room and Jennifer was joined by Danielle Harris and Brianne Davis who’s latest movie Among Friends is directed by Jennifer

Danielle Harris

Brianne Davis

Danielle, Jennifer and Brianne

I just attend a select handful of events that were going on during the weekend.  There were films, panels and Q & A’s going on at all times during the fest.

Of course there were a lot of people who come dressed up.  Some of the costumes were easier on the eyes than others as you can see in the picture above.

Click here to view some more costumes from Scarefest

Here are some more pics of the celebrities

John Dugan

Me and Kitsie Duncan

Lance Henrikson

Tucky Williams

With Stacey Dixon

Paranormal Babies

You could actually take one of these home with you

There was also a van on hand where you could go in and play video games touraments

It is always good to see friends from Facebook or Monsters From The Basement.  Here I am with James and his wife Abby.  They live in Kentucky and I see them at a lot of conventions that we cover

Scarefest has to be one of the best shows that I have attended this year.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the promoters had everything worked out to a tee.  If you attended Scarefest leave a comment and let me know what you thought.  I will be coming back to the show next year for sure.

Elvira attended the show as well but I had my pic made with her at Dragon Con so I didn’t do it again at Scarefest

I would like to thank everyone at Scarefest for putting on a Class A show

See you next year Tucky!!!

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Scarefest Poster Art by Joel Robinson!

Click here for the Scarefest website

Click here for Joel Robinson’s website

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Tucky Williams – July’s Babe From The Basement

July is a hot month and so is July’s Babe From The Basement, Tucky Williams.  Tucky is a Kentucky resident who helped co-host the show Good Morning Kentucky.  She has been in several movies including Dead Moon Rising. He current project is her most successful to date, Girl/Girl Scene, a top rated internet program.  Head over to her Babes From The Basement and check out this beautiful lady for yourself.

Click here to viewe Tucky’s pictures

More pictures of Tucky to be added soon


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Tucky Williams interview

The interview that I did with Tucky Williams has been so popular I decided to put it to a slide show of this beautiful and talented actress from Kentucky. Check her out!!!

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