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Audio Interview With John Kassir Posted


Who can forget the HBO series “Tales From The Crypt” and the host of the show The Crypt Keeper?  The one thing about the show that stood out was his voice.  The voice of The Crypt Keeper was supplied by John Kissar.  John was a guest at last years Days Of The Dead Convention.  He was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his Sunday morning to sit down and talk with me.  We talked about his carreer from Star Search all the way up to his part in the new film “Jack The Giant Slayer”.  I really enjoyed doing this interview and I hope you will enjoy it as well!

Click here to listen to John’s interview

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Days Of The Dead Atlanta 2012 Review Posted


My son, Julian and I had the pleasure of attending the second Days Of The Dead Convention in Atlanta Ga last weekend.  Julian was really excited about meeting Kane Hodder and it was good to see him excited about going to a con that wasn’t anime  related.  Now, the first Days Of The Dead was in the Peachtree City area of Atlanta.  This years hotel was in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  It is one of the hosts hotels for Dragon Con so I was glad it was right off the interstate and we had been in the area before as well.

Click here for full review and pictures

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Days Of The Dead – Atlanta Georgia – Feb 1-3, 2013

Well, it’s convention time again and the first big show of the year is Days Of The Dead in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is the second year in a row that Adolfao Dorta and his staff have put on the show in Atlanta.  We had a great time last year and this year promises to be even better.  Check out the guest list which includes not one, not two, not three but four major movie reunions!!!

Special VIP Guest Ace Frehley –  Guitar Legend


The reunion that I am the most excited about at this show is the Return Of The Living Dead Reunion.  Return is my all time favorite horror movie and I can’t wait to see the cast again.

The cast members from Return Of The Living Dead attending Days Of The Dead are….

Linnea Quigley

Beverly Randolph

Thom Matthews

Jewel Shepard

Brian Peck

John Philbin


Allan Trautman AKA Tarman

Don Calfa

Clu Gulager

If that isn’t enough for you, how about two more reunions, The Devils Rejects and House Of 1000 Corpes


Featuring Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Danny Trejo, Diamond Dallas Page, Ginger Lynn Allen, Michael Berryman, PJ Soles, Leslie Easterbrook, Jennifer Justin, Tom Towles, David Reynolds, Irwin Keys, Robert Mukes and Walter Phelan!!!

Also the stars of The Blair Witch Project!!!

Heather Donahue

Michael Williams

Joshua Leonard

The Blair Witch Project

Plus all of these stars as well!!


Patti Mullen – Frankenhooker

Dick Miller

Tony Todd

Gunner Hansen

Jake The Snake Roberts

Mickie James

Kane Hodder

Tom Savini

Mike Perez – Never Sleep Again & More Brains


Stacey Dixon – Model, actress and promoter of Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention

Ben Dixon – Tattoo artist and promoter of  Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention

Ari Lehman and his band First Jason

Michael Graves – The Misfits

Eerie Von –  Danzig / Samhain

Chelan Simmons – Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

John Dugan – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

William Katt – Greatest American Hero, House and Carrie

Diane Goldner – Feast

John Gulager – Feast Trilogy

Butch Patrick – The Munsters

Marilyn Burns – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Brian O’Halloran – Clerks, Clerks 2, Chasing Amy

Howard Sheman –  Day Of The Dead

Sonya Thompson – The Walking Dead

Madison Lintz – The Walking Dead

Kylie Szymanski – The Walking Dead

James Balsamo – I Spill Your Guts




Plus Monsters Among Us




Impressed yet? I know I am. This promises to be one of the best conventions of 2013!!!


What are you waiting for? Click here to head over to the Days Of The Dead Website and check it out even further.

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Audio Interview With Chris Pezzano Posted

Chris Pezzano

Click here to listen to Chris’ Interview

I first met Chris Pezzano at a small horror convention in my home town of Murfreesboro, Tn a few years ago. He really stood out to me because of his awesome zombie make-up. Since then I have ran into him at just about every convention I have attended. Chis is a huge horror fan and is one of the newest members of Days Of The Dead’s Monsters Among Us Group. Monsters Among Us is a group of horror fans who really enjoy dressing up as different characters at shows. He has also been a member of several metal bands over the years and has toured the United States as well as Europe. He will be appearing in the up coming film “Night Of The Living Dead 2012 as well as a few other projects. Join me as I talk with Chris Pezzano!!

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Horror Convention Listing Page Has Been Updated!!!

I just finished updating the horror convention listing page here on the website.  If you know of a convention or film fest that you would like to see listed on the page, send us an email at . We would be more than happy to list it for you!!!

Click Here To View The Horror Convention Listing Page!!

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Days Of The Dead Indy 2012 Photos And Review

Monsters From The Basement had the pleasure of attending the second Days Of The Dead Convention in Indianapolis this past summer.  It was our third visit to a Days Of The Dead convention and I have to say they keep getting better and better!!!  Plenty of top-notch guests and huge vendor rooms catering to the horror fan in every way possible!!

Horror Stars

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy going to cons and getting to meet the stars that I grew up watching in movies over the years. I was thrilled to learn that Days Of The Dead was doing a  Texas Chainsaw Massacre reunion at this show!!!


Me with Allen Danziger


With William Vale


With Ed Neal

With Teri McMinn


With Marilyn Burns


Another shot with Marilyn


Ed Guinn and me


Grandpa himself John Dugan


And No “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” reunion would complete without Leatherface….here I am with Gunner Hansen.

We had met and interviewed Patty Mullen at another convention this year and I was really looking forward to seeing her again.  Patty just started doing conventions and is a real sweetheart.  Here are a few pictures of Patty!!



Patty admiring my Frankenhooker tattoo


Patty with a Frankenhooker fan


The picture above is Patty with a bust of her from Frankenhooker done by my good friend James Howard.  Below is a pic of me and Patty with James


First Jason himself was a guest at the show as well.  Ari Lehman is always the life of the party!!!


I caught Ari tickling the keys of a piano in the hotel on Sunday afternoon!!


I ran into one of our Babes From The Basement Pretty Poison on Saturday.  I had interviewed her over the phone but had never met her face to face before.

She was there with the Lolita Girls along with another Babe From The Basement Angela Denton!!

With the legend himself Dick Miller.

Here I am with another “convention buddy” Felissa Rose.

Tom Savini is a special effects legend who created some of the most awesome film effects ever.  It was great to finally meet this guy.

Michelle Shields is also a Babe From The Basement and a great actress as well.

Michelle Shields

It is always a pleasure to see Monsters From The Basement’s favorite Kayla Perkins at a show.

Ran into another favorite actress of mine, Roni Jonah!

The cast of “Dear God No!” was on hand promoting the film.  You need to check this one out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Ashleigh Jo Sizemore was one of the walkers on season 2 of The Walking Dead.

Monsters Among Us

A cool thing that Days Of The Dead has organized is the group called Monsters Among Us.  It features some of the horror fans that come to the show dressed as their favorite characters from their favorite films.  So much detail and work go into their costumes that it amazes me to see them up close.


William and Barbra Adams (AKA Nightmare Man and Princess Diva Of The Dead) are staples at the Days Of The Dead shows.  Williams has several characters he does that include Freddy Kruger, Dexter and Hannibal Lecter.  They tied the knot at the Days Of The Dead convention and I wish them a very happy life together!!!


William as Dexter Morgan.  He will wrap you up in plastic, slice your cheek and give you a blood sample on a slide to take home with you!

William’s Hannibal Lecter next to my girlfriends Hannibal figure that I picked up for her.


You might have heard my interview with Argos T. Fleam a while back on the website.  He is a horror host that is working on a new horror variety show.


Our friend Jeff Wickedbeard as The Predator


Chris Pezzano and his mate Mara Halas are the newest members of Monsters Among Us.


With Princess Diva Of The Dead without the Diva makeup


One of our favorite things to do at a convention is sit back a check out all of the costumes people wear at the shows.  Here are a few of them….


A group of Rocky Horror fans.


Mmmmmm……looks like your nose is bleeding dude!!!


My friend Kevin rocking the nuns outfit!!


Wonder Woman even dropped by to keep everyone in order!


Dang girl you need to see a doctor!!


Clowns are always scary especailly when they are 7 feet tall!


I think this girls costume and makeup was one of the best that I saw at Days Of The Dead.


Who will win in this battle? I say the chick with the machine gun!


Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley was a guest at the show and he had fans of all ages waiting to get in to meet him!


Other Stuff

Plenty Of Vendor were on hand sell everything from Critters to Ghoulies


See? I told you!!





Like I said at the top of this post,  the Days Of The Dead Conventions keep getting better and better.  They are planning one in Chicago in Nov of this year and next year Atlanta and Los Angeles which promises to be the show of all shows with 30 different guests each day.

You can check out the Days Of The Dead Website by clicking here!!!

A big thank you to Adolfo Dorta and the Days Of The Dead Staff for putting on a great show and making Monsters From The Basement feel right at home!!!


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Audio interview with Argos T. Fleam posted

Argos T. Fleam has been hitting a lot of horror conventions the past few years showing off his character. I was always under the impression that he was a horror host. He is working on a show but according to him it is more of a variety show than a horror host show. The show is called “Fleam and Boil’s House For Wayward Kooks”. He is a member of the International Brotherhood Of Kooks, which is a costume group of people who like to dress up in costume much like he does. We had been planning an interview at a couple of different shows and never could work it out until Days Of The Dead 3. He is a very interesting guy and I for one am looking forward to seeing the show. Join us as I talk to Argos T. Fleam.

Click here to go to Argos’ interview page

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Audio interview with Michelle Shields posted

Michelle Shields is a model and an actress. She has appearred in several movies including “Sister Mary”, “Not Another B Movie”, “Mountian Mafia” and “Post Mortem America, 2021” where she starred along side one of her idols Linnea Quigley. She is very excited about the soon to be releashed film “Frankenstein: Day Of The Beast”. She was a guest at the Days Of The Dead Horror Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana last month. She agreed to sit down with me for an interview for Monsters From The Basement. Join me as I talk with Michelle Shields.

Michelle is also the Babe From The Basement this month. Click the link below to go to her photo page!

Click here to go to Michelle’s interview page 

Click here to go to Michelles Babe From The Basement page

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Audio interview with John Dugan from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” posted

John Dugan was working in a childrens theater when he got offered the role as Grandpa in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.  He went from entertaining kids to knocking people in the head with sledge hammers in one move.  John was a guest at last years Scarefest in Lexington Ky and was kind enough to talk with Monsters From The Basement for a little while.  Listen to this awesome interview as we talk about his memories of filming this epic horror classic and much much more.

Click here to go listen to our interview with John Dugan

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Audio interview with Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster from the film The Orphan Killer posted

One of the cool things about attending horror conventions is getting to meet all of the independent film makers that attend these shows from all across the country.  I met two people at the recent Blood On The Beach convention, Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster.  Matt directed and Diane starred in the film The Orphan Killer.  The film centers around Marcus Miller who seeks revenge on his sister for forgetting about him after she was adopted and he was left to grow up in a orphanage alone.  I have seen the movie and it is one of the best indie films that I have seen in a very long time.  Marcus Miller could stand up there along side Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers with no problem at all.  If you have seen the film I am sure that you will agree with me.  If you haven’t seen it be sure to visit The Orphan Killer website and get yourself a copy.  Now enjoy our interview with Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster.

Click here to listen to my interview with Matt and Diane

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