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Audio interview with Argos T. Fleam posted

Argos T. Fleam has been hitting a lot of horror conventions the past few years showing off his character. I was always under the impression that he was a horror host. He is working on a show but according to him it is more of a variety show than a horror host show. The show is called “Fleam and Boil’s House For Wayward Kooks”. He is a member of the International Brotherhood Of Kooks, which is a costume group of people who like to dress up in costume much like he does. We had been planning an interview at a couple of different shows and never could work it out until Days Of The Dead 3. He is a very interesting guy and I for one am looking forward to seeing the show. Join us as I talk to Argos T. Fleam.

Click here to go to Argos’ interview page

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Audio interview with Michelle Shields posted

Michelle Shields is a model and an actress. She has appearred in several movies including “Sister Mary”, “Not Another B Movie”, “Mountian Mafia” and “Post Mortem America, 2021″ where she starred along side one of her idols Linnea Quigley. She is very excited about the soon to be releashed film “Frankenstein: Day Of The Beast”. She was a guest at the Days Of The Dead Horror Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana last month. She agreed to sit down with me for an interview for Monsters From The Basement. Join me as I talk with Michelle Shields.

Michelle is also the Babe From The Basement this month. Click the link below to go to her photo page!

Click here to go to Michelle’s interview page 

Click here to go to Michelles Babe From The Basement page

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Audio interview with John Dugan from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” posted

John Dugan was working in a childrens theater when he got offered the role as Grandpa in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.  He went from entertaining kids to knocking people in the head with sledge hammers in one move.  John was a guest at last years Scarefest in Lexington Ky and was kind enough to talk with Monsters From The Basement for a little while.  Listen to this awesome interview as we talk about his memories of filming this epic horror classic and much much more.

Click here to go listen to our interview with John Dugan

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Audio interview with Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster from the film The Orphan Killer posted

One of the cool things about attending horror conventions is getting to meet all of the independent film makers that attend these shows from all across the country.  I met two people at the recent Blood On The Beach convention, Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster.  Matt directed and Diane starred in the film The Orphan Killer.  The film centers around Marcus Miller who seeks revenge on his sister for forgetting about him after she was adopted and he was left to grow up in a orphanage alone.  I have seen the movie and it is one of the best indie films that I have seen in a very long time.  Marcus Miller could stand up there along side Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers with no problem at all.  If you have seen the film I am sure that you will agree with me.  If you haven’t seen it be sure to visit The Orphan Killer website and get yourself a copy.  Now enjoy our interview with Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster.

Click here to listen to my interview with Matt and Diane

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Please give to Angels Among Us to help Diva Of The Dead

If you come to this website very much you no doubt know who The Nightmare Man and Diva Of The Dead are.  Recently The Diva Of The Dead found out that she had cancer.  You know as well as I do how expensive health related costs can be.  Because of this I am posting a link to a fund raiser for them to help cover their medical bills.  Both Diva and Nightmare Man are good friends of me and Christi.  If you can give anything at all, please do. Read the info below and click on the link at the bottom of this post to go to the fund raiser page. Remember, any amount helps. Thank you very much!!

Diva Of The Dead is Barbara Slone and The Nightmare Man is William Adams

Please read the info below from Diva’s fiancee The Nightmare Man

The family and friends of Barbara Slone are uniting to raise money to help her with medical costs and related expenses

When my fiancee Barbara went for a routine check up at the Gynecologist,we never dreamed what was to follow next.Upon completion of her check up,the Doctor informed us that Barbara has unusual masses in her cervix which needs to be tested to see if they are cancerous.The doctor had also informed us that he had found a hole in her bladder as well. 8 o’clock on Wednesday morning,she woke up with excruciating abdominal pain.As if knives were drivin into her stomach.I immediately rushed her to the E.R. Upon completion of a CT scan of her abdomin as well as urninal tests,the doctor found leasions on her liver which he was very concerned that they may be cancerous as well.Barbara has been diagnosised with endometriosis. She will need a DNC test for her masses in her cervix,a liver Biopsy for the leasons,additional tests to find and fix the hole in her bladder and a hysterectomy. It has been a very difficult time both physically and mentally for her. There are nights where the pain is so bad,it wakes her from what little sleep she gets due to the narcolepsy she also has to deal with.And all I can do is hold her close to me and til the pain subsides. We are to be married this july and the pain and stress due to her illness combined with trying to put together our special day,not to mention trying to make ends meet as it is,makes it all the more stressful to plan the wedding she never had.She deserves her day.But in the midst of it all,she always gives me a smile and tells me she loves me. I just want her pain to go away so that we may start to focus on bigger and better things for our future.My day to day aches and pains mean nothing. She is top priority..Period! She is my everything. I hope and pray through the support of everyone that she can get the treatments she so desperatley needs. Thank you and god bless you all,William Adams. All donations can be made via Barbara’s Paypal – or if you wish to donate with a check,you may do so in Barbara’s name and send to : William Adams- 505 scioto street. Kenton,Ohio. 43326

Click here to go to the fund raiser page and again thank you very much!!!

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Days Of The Dead Returns To Indianapolis Indiana July 6 – 8 2012

The weekend of July 6 – 8 Days Of The Dead returns to Indianapolis Indiana. It was last year when the first Days Of The Dead was held in Indy and they are returning for more horrorific good times. Check out the outstanding guest list so far!!!

Visit the Days Of The Dead Website by clicking here 




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Check out my review of The Collective Vol 3 from Jabb Pictures

After viewing the first volume of The Collective I knew that I was hooked and was ready for more.  Now Jabb Pictures returns two years later with Vol 3.  This series keeps getting better.  This volume features all female film makers and each one did a great job.

Click here to read the review

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Audio interview with William Katt posted

William was first noticed in the role as Tommy in the Stephen King film “Carrie”.  He also appeared for several seasons as “The Greatest American Hero” and in the film “House”.  William was a guest at last years Days Of The Dead convention and on Sunday morning we sit down and talked for a few minutes.  We talked about his films and the tv show and what he is doing now.  Join me in The Basement as I talk with Mr William Katt!!!

William Katt

Click here to listen to my interview with William Katt 

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Audio interview with Dey Young posted…..

Dey Young’s first movie was the Roger Corman classic “Rock And Roll High School” in 1979.  Since then she has kept herself busy appearing in many tv shows and films.  She was a guest at Days Of The Dead Atlanta and agreed to doing an interview for Monsters From The Basement.  She was one of the nicest ladies I have ever met and was fun to talk with.  Join me as I welcome Dey Young to Monsters From The Basement!!! Click the link below to listen to the interview!!

Click here to listen to my interview with Dey Young

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Days Of The Dead Atlanta – Review and Recap

This past weekend we attended the second Days Of The Dead Convention in Atlanta.  My girlfriend Christi and her two daughters and nephew piled into the car early Friday morning for the drive to Atlanta to take part in this awesome event.

Days Of The Dead Atlanta

Atlanta is a huge city but thanks to our trusty GPS we got to the hotel with no trouble at all!!

Downtown Atlanta

The Wyndham hotel was located in the Peachtree City area of Atlanta and was a very nice hotel with lots of room for the convention.

Wyndham Peachtree City

When we arrived at the hotel we ran into Circus Envy who was with Amelia Kincaid.  She remembered me from an interview we had done in Kentucky in 2011.  We also ran into Nivek Ogre from the band Skinny Puppy and the film Repo.  This gave Christi’s daughter Erin a thrill because she is a huge fan of his.

Nivek Ogre

After checking into the hotel and getting settled down it was time for the convention to start. We went down stairs to pick up our passes and let the fun begin.

We had planned out what stars we wanted to see first and what autographs we wanted to get.

The Walking Dead

I have been lucky enough to interview several of the zombie cast members of The Walking Dead over the past two years and from that we have became friends with a lot of them.  I am always happy to see any of them at a show and they are always very friendly to us.  There were several of them at the Days Of The Dead show.

Melissa Cowan sporting the latest thing in horror fashion!!!

Christi and Ashleigh Jo Sizemore doing her best "zombie face"

Christi and Larry Mainland

Rodney Hall and Mike Koske

Me being attacked by Jeremy Ambler

Keisha Tills

Christi and Keisha Tillis

Sonya Thompson

Dakota, Erin and Diane talking with Sonya Thompson

Christi with Savana Wehunt

Melissa Cowan signing one of our posters

Christi with Larry Mainland and Sonya Thompson

Me with my all time favorite zombie Melissa Cowan

Erin and Diane with Melissa Cowan from The Walking Dead

All of the people that I have met from The Walking Dead have been super nice and I consider each and everyone of them friends.  If you have a chance to meet any of them you will have a wonderful experience.  I always enjoy The Walking Dead TV show.  You can tell from talking to these men and women that a lot of care and love goes into shooting each and every episode that airs.  I have not heard a single negative remark from any of them about their experience on the show.

Sonya giving Gary Busey a back rub

We spotted zombie Sonya Thompson giving Gary Busey a back rub.

Charles Casey from the Walking Dead was also at the convention.

The Other Celebrities

The main headlining guest for Altanta’s Days Of The Dead was Gary Busey.  He seemed to be in a great mood at the show on Friday night and was cutting up a lot.

Gary Busey with Erin and Diane

One person that I was looking forward to meeting at the show for the first time was Dey Young who co-starred with PJ Soles in “Rock And Roll High School.  She was such and nice lady.  I found out that she is also a sculptor and has a website where you can get her stuff.

Dey Youngs website 

Dey Young

PJ Soles is always a delight as well.  I gave her one of our Monsters From The Basement t-shirts and she wore it on Sunday.

PJ Soles

PJ Soles holding Christi's Halloween Poster

Christi, PJ and me

PJ Soles and Dey Young

Nick Princlpe who was in the films “Laird To Rest Parts 1 and 2″ was on hand to meet his fans.

Christi And Nick

Brian Steele and Dakota

 Brian Steele, who was in “Hell Boy Parts 1 and 2″, ‘Predators”, “Underworld” among other films was a crowd favorite.

Another very popular guest was Derek Mears.  Derek has appeared in many movies including the “Friday The 13th” remake, “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Predators” along with Brian Steele.

Christi And Derek

When I first saw Tyler Mane as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween I wondered just how big this guy really was.  His character was so huge.  After getting to stand next to him I discovered that he didn’t have to wear and thing to make him look bigger in the film.  What you see on the screen is all Tyler!!!

Me with Tyler Mane

If you know me and my tastes in movies you know that I am a huge fan of “Return Of The Living Dead”.  It is always great to get to see some of the stars of this film.  For the Atlanta show Days Of The Dead had as a returning guest Linnea Quigley.  She is always very nice as well.

Linnea Quigley

Linnea checking out my tattoo of her from Return Of The Living Dead

Christi and me with Linnea Quigley

Another film that I enjoy that Linnea appeared in was “Night Of The Demons” along with Amelia Kinkade.  As I mentioned before we saw her in the lobby when we first got to the hotel.  She remembered me from our interview in 2010 at the Kentucky Scarefest.

Amelia Kinkade

Christi and Amelia Kinkade

Horror Icon Bill Mosley was also a guest at Days Of The Dead.  He is the complete opposite of Otis, the character he plays in “House Of 1000 Copses” and “The Devil’s Rejects”.  He posed for pictures with our whole group.

Bill Mosley and Me

Christi and Bill

Diane, Bill and Erin

Dakota and Bill Mosley

 After the weekend was over, I asked Christi who her favorite person she met over the weekend was and she said Nivek Ogre from Skinny Puppy and “Repo”.  He spent a lot of time talking with us and paid special attention to Erin who is a really big fan of his.  We came down to the lobby on Saturday night to find Erin, Diane and Dakota standing in a group with him talking.  I don’t think Erin will ever forget his kindness and attention he gave her.

Erin and Nivek Ogre

Another guy that I was really looking forward to meeting for the first time was Laurence Harvey from “The Human Centipede Part 2″.  I thought that Mr Harvey played his character in the film to a tee.  He really gave the movie a creepy feeling.

Larence Harvey

Barbra Crampton and Me

Some of my favorite movies were well repersented at Days Of The Dead.  Barbra Crampton from “The Reanimator” was on hand as well.  She is still just as pretty as she was in the film.

Barbra Crampton

Me and John Russo

 I had a “Night Of The Living Dead” poster that was signed by George Romero that I had been wanting to get signed by other people involved with the film.  I got two more signatures on it when John Russo and George Kosana signed it at Days Of The Dead.

George Kosana signing my poster

Taffe O’Connell was another guest that I was looking forward to meeting for the first time at Days.  She was a very sweet woman.

Taafe O'Connell

Sean Whalen from “People Under The Stairs” and Rob Zombie’s “Halloween 2″ was at Days Of The Dead.  We are friends on Face Book and it was nice to meet him in person.

Sean Whalen

 Dakota enjoyed meeting Alex Vincent from “Child’s Play” and Ari Lehman from the first “Friday The 13th”

Alex Vincent and Dakota

Dakota with Ari Lehman "First Jason"

One of the top grossing films from 2010 was “Paranormal Activity 3″ and one of the stars of that movie Micha Sloat was another of the guests at Days Of The Dead

Me with Micha Sloat

Christi and I both got pictures with him

Christi and Micha

Local Atlanta horror personality Circus Envy was on hand as the events MC.  Christi and I have met him several times and he is a great guy to know.  I interviewed him in Nashville last year and he has to be one of the scariest clowns ever!!!

Circus Envy

Angos T. Fleam, Circus Envy and others

Along with Circus Envy was Jerry Dewayne Lester.  Jerry dresses up as Vincent Price at conventions

Diane, Jerry Dewayne Lester and Erin

And here he is as Bill from True Blood

Christi with Jerry Dewayne Lester as True Blood's Bill

One of our favorite guests from the Gatlinburg Horror Weekend was Mark Patton from “Nightmare On Elm St 2″ and “Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean….”  He is always a joy to talk with.

Christi with Mark Patton

Elvira impersonitor Patterson Lundquist from “The Search For The Next Elvira”

Patterson as Elvira

Christi with Patterson

As with all conventions it is hard to get around to meet everyone.  Also on hand at Days Of The Dead in Atlanta were Sid Haig, Roddy Piper, Ellisa Dowling, Jeff Burr, Charles Casey, The Haunted Hotties and Chip Coffey.

Monsters Among Us

One of my favorite things to do at any horror convention is to find a nice place to sit in the hotel lobby and just watch the costumes some of the fans come dressed as.  At Days Of The Dead Atlanta they had a room dedicated to the fans who take this to the next level.  These guys work really hard to get their costumes just like they were in the movies.  Monsters Among Us featured The Nightmare Man, Princess Diva Of The Dead, Jeff Wickedbeard and Angela, and Larry Lutze.  These guys and several other take the term “cos-play” very seriously.  Check out some of these awesome costumes.

I have been friends with The Nightmare man for a couple years now.  His main character is Freddy Kruger, but he also dresses as Dexter, Hannibal Lecter.  Him and his fiance Princess Diva Of The Dead show up at most of the shows in the Indy and Ohio area.  Check out some pictures of these two.

Nightmare Man as Dexter with Christi

Princess Diva Of The Dead

Nightmare Man, Me and Princess Diva Of The Dead

Getting The Dexter Treatment

Nightmare Man as the Graveyard Zombie from Night Of The Living Dead

I have seen Larry Lutze at several conventions dressed in his Werewolf costume.  He also does a pretty cool Predator as well.

Larry Lutze's Werewolf

 Jeff Wickedbeard has the look of Jason down pat. Him and his girlfriend Angela really knocked me out with their Monsters Among Us costumes.

Jeff Wickedbeard

Amazing Detail

Angela and Christi

Jeff and Angela with me out of their makeup

The Scream Queen Panel

It is hard at any good size horror convention to squeeze all that you want to do at the show.  One panel that I really enjoyed was the Scream Queen Panel at the first Days Of The Dead last year.  When I saw that they were doing it again in Atlanta I told Christi that we needed to go see it this time.  A full room of fans watched as Barbara Crampton, Amelia Kinkade, PJ Soles, Linnea Quigley and Mark Patton answered questions about their films and careers.

The Scream Queens Days Of The Dead

Barbra Crampton

Linnea Quigley

Amelia And PJ

Linnea and Mark

Amelia and PJ

If you attended the panel you know how much fun it was.  I really love hearing the stories that the stars of some of my favorite films have to tell about the making of those movies.

Here is a video of the Scream Queen Panel from the guys at With0ut Your Head Radio.  If you go to the 18 minute mark you can hear PJ Soles talk about me and Christi meeting for the first time in her line at the Gatlinburg Horror Weekend.

The Vendors

When you attend a horror you are offered an excellent oppertunity to see all kinds of different vendors selling everything from action figures to posters to masks and just about everything in between.  Here are some pictures of some of the cool stuff that was for sale at the show.

Cap's Works


Very Cool Masks

Shirts of every kind

More T Shirts

Freddy gloves

Paintings of horror icons

Another vendor

This was just a small sample of what you could get!!

Body painting

More body painting


My favorite part about running this website is getting to interview some of the celebrities that are guests at the conventions.  Days Of The Dead offered me another opperunity to do that. Check out who you will be hearing soon here on Monsters From The Basement!!

Talking with Dey Young

Interviewing Sean Whalen

Nightmare Man

Nivek Ogre

Barbra Crampton

I also talked with Laurence Harvey and Princess Diva Of The Dead.  Thanks to all the celebrities that took some time out of their Sunday morning to chat with me.

The Fans

Like I mentioned before I love to see the fans show up to conventions in costumes.  It makes for great people watching.  Look at some of the creatures that were roaming the halls until the early morning light all through out the weekend.

Don't know what planet she is from!!

Jennifer's Paranormal Baby

This guy took the fear of clowns to a whole new level

Looks like Batman had a bad day in Atlanta

I would hate to run into these guys in a dark alley

A guy with a head

Christi with Pennywise The Clown

This guy is what nightmares are made of!

Don't let this guy touch my french fries!!

Chris Pezzano with Keisha Tills from The Walking Dead

Mara Halas (Queen of the Macabre)

Welcome to Freddy's Nightmare

Chucky and his bride!

Christi and Darth Vader

A Few Last Words About Days Of The Dead Atlanta

As you can see, Days Of The Dead Atlanta was a huge success.  We had a great time the entire weekend.  I can always measure how much fun I had at a horror convention by how tired I am on Monday.  Well I can honestly say that we were all totally exhusted.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Adolfo Dorta for putting on a first class show and all that he did for us at Monsters From The Basement.  I know that we will be attending more Days Of The Dead shows.  Another thank you goes out to the celebrity guests who talked to us and took time to do interviews for the website.  Thanks to all the fans that attended the show and helped to make it a success!  And last but not least a big thank you to Christi for helping with pictures and helping me keep with everything. You are the best babe!!

Taking a much needed break on Saturday night

It was also great seeing so many of our friends at the show.  Jason and Jennifer, Bill and Barbara, Kevin, Jabb Pictures, Linnea, PJ, Bill, J Larose, Savana and her mom, Melissa, Erin, Ben and Stacey, Rodney, Frank, Jeff and Angela, Chris and Mara and all the other friends of Monsters From The Basement!!!

We really didn’t find out for sure why the fire alarm went off in the hotel at 2am Saturday morning but we could have done without that!!

Hope to see you at the next Days Of The Dead Horror Convention!!!

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