Tucky Williams 2011

I interviewed the beautiful Tucky Williams last year at the Scarefest in Lexington Ky.  At that time she was just starting her web series Girl/Girl Scene.  That interview has became the most populare Monsters From The Basement interview ever.   Since then the show has taken off like a rocket and shows no sign of slowing down.  The show centers around a group of women and the experiences of their everyday lifes in the gay community.  Watching the show, you can tell that this lady puts her all into each and every episode.  The interview I did with her last year is my most popular interview to date.  I was able to catch up with her at this years Scarefest and I hope her fans love this one as much as they did the first one.  She is one increditable lady.   Tucky has appeared in several indie horror flicks and was the host of a morning news show in Kentucky as well as being a meteorologist too.  Join me as I once again talk with Tucky Williams.