Samatha Newark and Patricia Alice Albrecht

One of the most popular cartoon shows of the 80’s was Jem And The Holigrams.  Samatha Newark was the voice of the main character Jem and Patricia Alice Albrecht was the voice of her arch enemey Pizzazz. The fans of this show have given the show a cult status and is just as popular as it ever has been.  Jem is being show on the cable network The Hub and the whole series has been releashed on dvd from Shout Factory.  I was lucky enough to interview Patricia at the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, KY this past summer and Samatha at the Geek Media Expo in Nashville, TN this fall.  Patricia talks about her involvement in the Jem show and other projects she is working on as a writer.  Samatha tells us about her memories of Jem and her brand new cd that has just came out called “Something Good”.  If you loved Jem & The Holigrams be sure not miss these audio interviews. Show over Synergy!!!