Dark Night Of The Scarecrow

One of the best made for TV horror films has to be Dark Night Of The Scarecrow.  I remember seeing the film on CBS when it aired back in the early 80’s. I was checking the doors to make sure they were locked before I went to bed that night.  The writer of the film JD Feigelson and stars Tonya Crowe and Larry Drake were all guests at the Fright Night Film Fest last month in Louisville Ky for a Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Reunion. I was very lucky to talk to all three of these wonderful people for a very special episode of Monsters From The Basement. The film is coming out on Blu-Ray DVD from VCI and includes photo galleries, a Q & A from The Fright Night Film Fest and many more extras. Kick back and enjoy The Dark Night Of The Scarecrow interviews!!! The show starts with me talking to JD, then I talk with Tonya and finally Larry. I was so glad to get these interviews. I hope you enjoy them!  A big thank you goes out to Dave Fuentes for the picture below.