Cassandra Peterson (Elvira Mistress Of The Dark)

After watching Ann Margert in the Elvis movie “Viva Las Vegas” Cassandra Peterson knew she wanted to be in show business. In the early 1980’s she applied for a job as a horror hostess in California.  She got the job and since then her character of Elvira Mistress Of The Dark has became a world wide icon in horror.  Other than the TV show, Elvira has starred in two movies, a comic book series, dvds, action figures, model kits and countless other products.  I had a wonderful talk with Cassandra last week over the phone and we talked about her start in show business, her favorite horror actor, he new model kit and her up coming appearence at the Scarefest coming up September 23 – 25 in Lexington, Kentucky.  Join me and listen in as I interview Cassandra Peterson!!