Roxsy Tyler

What do you get when you take a 25 year old female with a love for Steven Tyler, top hats, carnivals, The Marx Brothers and old horror films and put her in front of a camera? You get Roxsy Tyler that’s what. Roxsy lives in Philly and with the help of several of her friends have created the one of the most original horror hosts to come around in a long time. Roxsy Tyler’s Carnival Of Horrors is a web based show featuring her and Johnnie 13. The show has a carnival setting and all kinds of mayhem happens on each episode. They try to put out a new episode each month and not only have they hosted movies like Vincent Price’s “The Last Man On Earth” they have visited haunted house attractions and went to a Rocky Horror screening. Roxsy got her start on Midnite Mausoleum with Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves. You can check out Roxsy’s show at Vimeo. Click here for the Roxsy Tyler Photo Page.