Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers

Penny Dreadful, along with Werewolf Garou, Dr Manfred Von Bulow and Mad Luna have been giving the New England area one of the most delightful horror host show ever. For seven years fans have tuned into to watch Penny and the gang host some of the best bad horror flicks ever made. “Shilling Shockers” has became one of the most popular horror show ever and Penny has become one of the most famous horror host ever. Penny has a web site that has pictures, dvds, tee shirts and even a Penny Dreadful Fan Club. Monsters From The Basement is proud to add Penny Dreadful to it’s tribute to the Greatest Horror Hosts ever.

Click here for Penny’s picture page

Click here for Penny’s Monsters From The Basement audio interview

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