Psycho Street


Psycho Street

Muscle Wolf Productions 

Directed by Raine Brown, Arthur Cullipher, Patrick Desmond, Pete Jacelone, Anthony Sumner

Produced By Susan Adriensen, Marv Blauvelt, Raine Brown, Patrick Desmond, Pete Jacelone, Anthony Sumner and others

Written By Marv Blauvelt, Anthony Sumner and Trevor Wright

Starring Tiffany Shepis, Susan Adriensen, Raine Brown, Marv Blauvelt, Jared Degado, Alan Rowe Kelly, Deneen Melody, Jerry Murdock, Matthew Bonacci

4.5 out of 5 points

When I go to horror conventions I usually don’t attend the screenings of films unless it is something that I really want to see.  I would rather get the DVD and take it home and watch it and spend my time at the convention out on the floor with friends or talking with the guests and vendors.  When I attended the Fright Night film fest this past summer I made an exception to that rule because there was a film showing that weekend that I really wanted to see. The reason I wanted to see it so bad was because it starred 3 of my favorite actresses, Tiffany Shepis, Susan Adriensen and Raine Brown.  The film is the first offering from Muscle Wolf Productions, Psycho Street.

I have always enjoyed the “anthology type” of movies like Creepshow that would feature several short films that were all tied together.  Psycho Street is like that.  The film consists of four stories that take place in the town of  Kronanburg.  It seems like your typical town but on closer examination you find out that there are some strange things going on in this town.

 In the first segment of the movie “Come On Down”, Tiffany Shepis appeares as Leyla Barker.  You typical everyday house wife that spends the day watching game shows on TV?  Think again my friend.  You don’t want to knock on this ladies door unless you play on staying for a while or maybe forever as Mailman Jared Degado finds out the hard way.  You see Leyla has a secret in her closet, or should I say her basement and from the looks of things he is very hungry to say the least.  Leyla is always cooking up new recipies for him and you just might become the nights main course. Tiffany takes this role and puts that “Shepis Touch” on it and she becomes Leyla,  who seems ok on the outside but behind that candy coated sweetness is really just another twisted resident of Kronanburg.

  The film’s second part is a story called “Hypochondriac” that centers around the local doctors office and features standout performances by Susan Adriensen and Raine Brown. Seems the towns doctor is just fed up with all the weird things that have been coming through the door of his office and has decided to leave the town.  The new doctor, Dr Combs, is really having a hard time adjusting to his new surroundings and patients, especially Charity Betencourt , the local hypochondriac who is always doing self diagnosis on herself. The strangeness doesn’t stop there.  There is also a patient in town, played by Susan Adriensen, who is expecting a child.  And the birth of the little darling is not your typical birth by a long shot. Raine Brown plays the doctors hot nurse and turns in an awesome performance.

 Raine Brown is once again featured in the third story. This one is called “No Rest For The Wicked”.  The tale centers around a woman, Avalone Tate and her son Parker.  Avalone is in love with Will but the relationship is not going the way she would like to see it go.  She figures out what is standing in the way of the relationship and gives the ultimate sacrafice for love.  If there was an Academy Award for Indie Films, Raine should win for this role.  Through her excellent acting, I could feel the hurt and pain that she was going through and after seeing this segment of the film you will understand what I am talking about.

The final story in our little anthology is perhaps the most twisted one of the bunch.  In fact, I am not really sure how to describe “Lewis” in a short review like this.  It involves a kid, a nun and a lot more of Kronanburg’s crazies.  Seeing Susan Adriensen in this part of the film and thinking back at her role in the “Hypochondriac” segment of the film really made me realize what an amazing actress this lady is.  She can take a role and tackle it like no one else can.  I really do think that “Lewis” is one of those films you have see to believe.  I know I was viewing this short with my jaw wide open as the tale unfolded.  This is one of those films you will be telling your friends about over and over.

 I was so glad that I decided to see this movie at Fright Night.  It has just about everything that you could want from one movie.  It has comedy, horror, suspense and some of these “OMG” moments that will leave it’s imprint in your brain for a long time.  The casting is excellent and the actors and actresses all give 125% in their roles.  When viewing the film, you might forget that you are watching an indie film as it was shot and edited to give it a professional look and feel to it.

“Psycho Street” is the first film from Muscle Wolf Productions, and if it is any indication of what these guys have up their sleeves for future productions then I look forward to seeing more films from them.