Noirmageddon – A Mark Anvil Thriller

Noirmageddon – A Mark Anvil Thriller

Starring: Jeff Bromley, Kathleen Price, Laurie Beckman Johnson, Tim Berndt, Christy Keizer, Terry Madden, Myron Erickson, Keith Zahn and Thomas Berdinski as the voice of Mingo

Special appearances by Marlena Midnite, Robyn Graves, Roxsy Tyler, Count and Countress Gregula and Dr Sigmond Zoid

And the voice of Blake Powell

5 out of 5 stars (I loved it)

Ever since I saw Thomas Berdinski’s first film “The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2” I have always looked forward to anything he puts out.  He knocked my socks off with the short “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie” last year and now he is back with another fun short “Noirmageddon – A Mark Anvil Thriller”.

The first thing that I like about the film is that it is shot in black and white and you get a kind of a “film noir” feel from it.  The second thing that I like about is the cast.  As a lot of you know I am a big fan of a lot of the horror host from across the country and just like with “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie” he includes several of my favorites such as Marlena Midnite, Robyn Graves, Count Gregula and Countess Gregula , Roxsy Tyler and last but not least Dr Sigmond Zoid.  The cast also includes several folks who were also in his last two offerings.  I really adored Laurie Beckman Johnson in “TIZM” and she is back as Varla/Dora in this flick.

The film centers around Mark Anvil who is a privite eye.  The story opens as Mark almost hits Cloris,  an escaped crazy woman from the local looney bin who is roaming the streets wearing a trench coat.  He offers her a ride in his black corvette but they run out of gas.  They walk to a local gas station and after Cloris gives the attendent a letter to mail to her room mate and pays for the gas Mark is knocked out and she is stabbed so many times all of her innards fall out on the ground. The guys who kill her didn’t get the information from her that she needed before she died because one of the thugs kept his hand over her mouth.   I really loved the way the special effects were handled in this scene. This is the kind of gross effects I have grown to expect from Berdinski.

The bad guys have to call their boss Dr Moreau and tell him that they didn’t get the info they needed from Cloris before they killed her but they have one of Mark’s business cards.  Dr Moreau tell them to track him down and find out what he knows.

Mark finds Cloris’ room mate Varla and she takes him to a “seedy part of town” to meet up with Mingo.  Mingo runs a pie bakery and wears a Mexican wrestlers mask and is one of my favorite characters in the film.  After a little fight between the two which includes some pie throwing, Mark learns of The Trinity Project which is run by Dr Moreau himself.

I am not going to explain the rest of the film but rest assured that total mayhem follows as we have come to expect for Mr Berdinski and company.

With this short Thomas Berdinski hits a home run again in my opinion.  He takes a film genre and puts his own spin on it and produces a delightful and entertaining 20 minute short film that I am sure you will watch over and over.  As with “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie” I just have one complaint,  I wish is was longer.

The cast that Berdinski uses is one that he should stick with.  They work really well together and are talented actors and actresses.  With each film they are featured in I fell like they get better and better.

If you want to escape from the world for a little while and have a great viewing experience while you do it, check out “Noirmageddon – A Mark Anvil Thriller”.  You can thank me later.