Midnite Mausoleum

Midnite Mausoleum

Marlena Midnite & Robyn Graves

Directed by Blake Powell

Written by Marlena Midnite, Derrick Knight & Andrew Smith

4.5 out of 5 points

Most of us grew up with a show that was shown on late nite tv that broadcast old creepy horror movies.   They were usually shown after the local news on Friday or Saturday night.  I have great childhood memories of watching “Creature Feature” in Nashville.  Other than the movies, the one thing that made this show so cool was the host of the show.  For a long time I thought that this type of show was long gone.  With the help of the internet I have found that the horror host is alive and well in America today.

I attended the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, KY this past summer.  It was a great show with many horror celebs.  There was one booth that really caught my eye and that was The Midnite Mausoleum booth.  I saw that there were two young girls at the booth with DVD’s and Tee Shirts for sale.  After walking by the booth several times I decided to stop and talk for a while.

I found out that these two girls, Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves were the hosts of a show called “Midnite Mausoleum” that was based out of Clinton, IA.  They had two DVD’s for sale so I decided to get them.  A few days after the Fest, I decided to pop one of the DVD’s in the player and see what this show was all about.  From the opening of the show where Marlena is walking through the grave yard down to “the mausoleum” to the end of the show I was glued to the TV screen.  I thought “This show is awesome”.

The story of Marlena Midnight goes like this.  She was a twenty-something up and coming starlett back in the 1920’s.  She is leaving a night club one night after a few too many drinks.  She steps out in front of a speeding sports car and….well you know what effect that can have on a person.  Marlena is not ready to leave this earth yet so she makes a deal with the Grim Reaper to let her stay on earth.  The catch is she has to live in the mausoleum and she has to give the Grim Reaper a part on her TV show.

That TV show is “Midnite Mausoleum” and it is a delight.  Marlena and Robyn’s charcters work so well together.  They possess a very unique brand of humor that is absent from culture today.  A type of humor that anyone, any age can watch and enjoy.  That is the thing that impresses me so much about the show.  Adults can watch it along with their kids and not have to worry about them hearing anything they shouldn’t.  And not only does the show feature the real life characters of Marlena and Robyn but there are puppets on the show as well.  Franklin is a Frankenstein type puppet and Wolfred is a wolf with a overbite.

Not only does the show feature interesting characters, the movies they show are pretty cool as well.  The first DVD features a movie called “The Prehistoric Planet”.  This film stars Basil Rathbone and Faith Domergue.  A little cheesy but I really enjoyed watching it after the space ship landed on the planet.  This was one of the very first episodes of the show when it was just a web broadcast and has not been shown on TV before.  Vol 2 of the series has two episodes.  The first movie shown is “The Undertaker And His Pals”.  This film is one of those that is so bad it is good.  Just seeing this movie is worth the price of the DVD.  You won’t believe your eyes and you will laugh all the way through it.  The second episode serves up “The King Of The Zombies”.  I remember seeing this one on TV as a kid and always remembered it but never knew the name.  The reason I remembered it was because of one of the stars, Mantan Moreland.  I guess he is best remembered as Charlie Chan’s driver in all of those movies.  He steals the show in “The King Of The Zombies” and makes this a very enjoyable movie to watch.  The newest DVD that was just released has the movies “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” and “Carnival Of Souls”.  These two movies should be very familar to horror fans as each has a strong cult following.  Each disc also has some bloopers and outtakes for the viewer to enjoy.

All in all I really loved watching all three volumes of this wonderful show.  Marlena Midnite and company have created a cast of characters that deliver a very unique TV show that you will enjoy over and over.  Watching it takes me back to a time when the world was much easier place to live in.  I hope these girls are around for a long time to come!!!

You can get the DVD’s plus other cool Midnite Mausoleum stuff at the Midnite Mausoleum Web Site.

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