Killer Mermaid


Killler Mermaid

(AKA The Nymph)

4.5  Stars out of 5

Starring: Kristina Klebe, Franco Nero, Natalie Burn, Dragan Micanovic, Modrag Krstovic, Slobodan Stefanovic, Sofija Rajovic and Zorana Kostic Obradovic as The Mermaid

Produced by Peter, Arbajther, Goran Djikic, Ivan Pribicevic, Milan Todorovic and Kristina Klebe

Directed by Milan Todorovic

I have always loved anything to do with mermaids.  From the first time I saw the Chicken Of The Sea commericals as a kid the thought of a half woman half fish has always caught my attention.  When I first read about Killer Mermaid I could not wait to see it.  Then I found out Kristina Kelebe (Halloween, Proxy) was in it, I put it on my must see list.


The story centers around two beautiful women who have traveled across the Mediterranean to Montenegro for some much deserved rest and relaxation and share time with a old friend,  although one of the girls has a hard time seperating herself from her job back home.  To make things that much more interesting of the girls ex-boyfriends comes along with his new fiancee.


One day they all decide to journey over to an island.  The island is the home of an old Nazi Military Fortress called Mamula.  Here they discover an unknown secret that has been going on for many years.  Along with the secret is a man who will do what ever it takes to keep that secret just that, a secret.  The man finds them on snooping around the fortress and makes several attempts to stop them.  One of the girls sees what she believes is a young girl in the bottom of a well.  Before they leave they must get the girl out of her prision.  There is more to this “girl” than meets the eye.


Throughout the whole film I was wondering what the mermaid was going to look like.  Would she look good or would it be some cheap CGI effect that looked more like a cartoon than a real movie? Well, I can say that she looks lovely.  A very sexy and beautiful mermaid… times that is. You will have to see the film for your self.

This film was expertly shot in beautiful surroundings, has an excellent cast who knows how to act and get their point across like well trained actors should.  The addition of Fraanco Nero doesn’t hurt things either. That this and throw in some excellent creature effects and you have a fun night  of great movie viewing.

The only complaint I had about the movie is that the mermaid didn’t get more screen time.  Maybe that could be taken care of in Killer Mermaid II (hint hint).  For this I am going to take away a half a star and give it a 4.5 on the Monsters From The Basement Rating Scale.

Go watch this film. You will be entertained!!!