Starring: Goldie Fatale, Andie Noir, Kristen Lane, Deva Lichous, Misty Lewis and others.

Flickering Candle Productions

Directed by George Demick

Produced by Chuck Nicholson

Monsters From The Basement Rating:

4 out of 5 points

What do you get when you take the Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt and The Outer Limts, combine them together and throw in a little bit of erotic horror?  You get Horrotica.  Horritica is a  collection of 10 stories that combine the right amount of the above elements.  Before I viewed this movie I was afraid that the “sexy” element would be too much, but it isn’t.  Each story contains just the right mix of horror and erotic elements to make this a very enjoyable view.

A pretty young girl, played by Kristen Lane,  is up late at night surfing the web and pulls up a site called Horrotica.  Each time she clicks on a link it tells her a story that not only gives her a scare but also gets her blood boiling a little.  There is just about every type of horror element included in this collection.  We have vampires, zombies, monsters, slashers and everything else you could think of.  Each story is a rollercoaster ride into the dark side.

Of the 10 stories included I would like to talk about my four favorites.  The very first story on the dvd really catches your attention fast.  It is called “The Dance” and stars Andie Noir and Goldie Fatale, who are both Flicking Candle’s main Scream Queens.  Three beautiful ladies who happen to be vampires bring home a fourth woman to add to their late night enjoyment.  Just when the ladies are ready for a little blood sucking fun, they find out that their new friend is not what she appears to be.  A big suprise twist really sets the mood for the beginning of this movie and sucks you right into what you are in for.

“Ghost Lover” stars Deva Lichous and David Bayer.  A lady has just became a single again and discovers the house that she lives in has a little more to offer than just a roof over her head.  As the days pass she discovers that things around the house are being moved around and don’t stay in the places that she left them.  After she does some reasurch on the internet she discovers that the house is possessed by a former tenant’s spirit.  The spirit visits her one night and gives her a very memorable time.  She decides that the only way that she can join her “new friend” is to take her own life and that is what she does.  But once again there is a twist that she didn’t expect.

“The Musician” features Brandon Boyd as a songwriter/former junkie.  His girlfriend, played by Misty Lewis, accidentally over doses and on the third anniversary of their first date, he writes a song dedicated to her memory.  The spirit of his dead lover returns because of the love that he puts into the song.  But she has a motive of her own in mind.  She sees that the song has the potental to be a huge hit record, and does what she has to prevent him from making millions of dollars from the song.  The way she goes about doing this, gives her great revenge on her own death I think.

“The Ride” stars Perry Poston and Catherine in a tale that happens inside a man’s car.  A middle aged district manager for a large company spends a lot of time on the road away from home.  He picks up a pretty hitch hiker at the side of the road one night.  He tells her his story of traveling and how he sometimes will meet a woman and winds up cheating on his wife who is home alone.  He tells her what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and besides that, she likes the money her brings home.  The hitch hiker shows the man what can happen when you don’t protect your soul from strange women.

Like I stated before, when I first saw this dvd and read the discription I was worried that it might contain a little too much sex pushing it into the “porn” catagory of movies but that is not the case.  The sexual aspect plays a part in each chapter but for the most part is not pushed in your face.  In other words a lot is left to the imagnation.  The sex factor does not over come the horror factor. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with sex being a part of a movie but I think a lot of films being produced today put way too much sex in the story line and rely on it to sell the film.

Nashville indie film company Flickering Candle Productions has produced several very good movies in the past few years and so far, of the the ones I have seen,  Horrotica is my favorite.  I love the short stories and how each one is completely different.  The first time viewer will not know what to expect from one story to the next and will be supirised by what each one has to offer.

If you like your horror served up with a little sexiness you should check out this dvd.  I am glad that I did.

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