The Giant Rubber Monster Movie

Starring: Roxsy Tyler, Marlena Midnite, Robyn Graves, Sigmond Zoid, Count and Countess Gregula. Plus Thomas Berdinski, Laurie Beckman, Jeff and Brandon Bromley,Becky Carrier, Keith Zahn, Chuck Alderink and Tim Berndt.

Directed by:

Thomas Berdinski (Second Unit Directors: Blake Powell, Carmela Hayslett, Dr Sigmund Zoid and Jim Currie)

Produced by:

Thomas Berdinski, Blake Powell, Dr. Sigmund Zoid, Christian ‘Mr. Potent’ Grillo, Greg and Linda Peterson

Written by:

Thomas Berdinski (With Additional Material by Roxsy Tyler, Marlena Midnite and Count Gregula)

Screenplay by:

Thomas Berdinski

4 & 1/2 out of 5 points

I don’t watch a lot of the movies coming out of  Hollywood these days.  There  just are not a lot of good ones.  It is either some vampire movie that is more of a romantic flick than a true vampire flick or a remake of a classic movie that just doesn’t get any where close to what the original was.  Thank goodness for the world of independent films and people like Thomas Berdinski.

Thomas wowed us in 2009 with “The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2”.  Now he has done it again with the 14 minute short film “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie”.

When I spoke with Thomas for Monsters From The Basement at the Horror Hound Convention in Nov of last year, one thing that I really wanted to know was when was the going to do another film.  He told me of a project that he was getting ready to work on.  10 independent film makers were given a subject and they had to interpert that subject in their own way.  The project is called “The Collective” and the subject the film makers had to work with was “The Meat Eater”.  It is very interesting to see the different ways that each director approaches the subject.  Each and every story is really good.  But in my opinion you get more bang for your buck with “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie”.

The plot of the film goes like this. Evil Dr Sigmond Zoid, a die hard vegaterian travels back in time from the year 25,ooo and sets out to destroy all of the animals on earth that provide the meat that keeps the world alive.  Luck is on the planet’s side because a young kid, Miko, hitches a ride on Dr Zoid’s ship and teams up with a wanted killer Ken, to save the earth with the help of a giant monster Sascratch who battles against Zoid’s Afrodesious.

One thing that made this movie for me was the cast.  Not only does it feature “Italian Zombie Movie” stars Laurie Beckeman and Jeffery Bromley, but the cast also includes some of the the nations current horror hosts.  Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves from Midnite Mausoleum, Roxsy Tyler from Roxsy Tyler’s Carnvial Of Horrors, Sigmond Zoid from Alternative Realities TV and Count and Countress Gregula from Count Gregula’s Crypt.

I grew up spending Saturday afternoons in front of the tv set watching such movies as “Gammra”, “Godzilla”, “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” and all the movies with the larger than life monster movies. One of my favorites was “Attack Of The Monsters”. This film reminds me a lot of that movie. You have two giant monsters battling it out with good against evil. This movie is right up my alley.

If you are looking for a film with some big message this one isn’t going to give you that, but if you are looking for a film that is enteraining and fun to watch then check it out for sure. The only thing I wish is that it was a full length movie. Maybe Thomas will bring Sascratch back in another feature.

This film was released last weekend at The Horrorhound Weekend in Indy. Thomas Berdinski will be hitting the convention trail this summer promoting the film.  You can get it on a disc by its self, on a disc with “The Italian Zombie Movie” or on a disc with the rest of the 9 “Meat Eater” shorts. Which ever disc you decide I can promise that you will enjoy it from start to finish!!!

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