The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special

Starring: Danielle Gelehrter, Larry Underwood, Magoo Gelehrter, Cameron McCasland and Rebecca Paiva

Special Appearence by Richard Dyszel as Count Gore DeVol

Produced by: Danielle Gelehrter, Larry Underwood, Cameron McCasland and Rebecca Paiva

Directed by:  Cameron McCasland and Rebecca Paiva

5 out of 5 stars

Penny Dreadful, Dr Gangrene and Count Gore DeVol are 3 of the nation’s top and most talented horror host and when you put the three of them together in a very cool Halloween story you know the result is going to be nostop fun.

Which is the case with The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special that this group of folks put together last year for the Halloween season. It was shown on TV in Nashville where Dr Gangrene’s show has been showing for many years and in the New England area where Penny Dreadful is a local horror host. When I interviewed both of these wonderful people for this website they told me that the show would be coming out on DVD and it is now here.

The plot goes like this…..Dr Gangrene has been noticing very strange happenings to do with the Halloween season.  Candy corn has gone sour, pumpkins are turning pink and all the brains have gone bad at the local depostoriry. Worried about this he contacts Ms Dreadful and her werewolf boyfriend Garou to tell of the strange going ons. When she agrees with him they try to figure out what in the world could be happening this year. After a little discussion they see that both of them my be responsable for what seems to be the end of Halloween. Now that they have realizied this they must come up with a plan to get all the ghosts and goblins back on the right track again.  I am not going to give away anymore of the story. You will have to see that for yourself.

The the thing that I like most about this special is that it has the feel of one of the old Halloween specials that we watched back in the 60’s.  Shows along the line of Charlie Brown that we looked forward to watching year after year. It is a show that the whole family can sit down and watch and the parents won’t have to worry if their kids will be able to watch it. It is very kid friendly. Some of the jokes and puns that Penny and the Good Doc throw back and forth to each makes me remember reading the words of Forrest J Ackerman back in the old Famous Monsters Magazine.  I was laughing all the way thru the show. I also enjoyed watching Garou. In real life he is Penny’s husband and he is a hoot as her werewolf. He was especially funny when Dr Gangrene mentioned one of Penny’s old boy friends. His werewolf jealousy really showed.

The amazing thing about this 30 min film is that Penny and Dr Gangrene were never in the same studio. They weren’t even in the same state. Gangrene filmed his parts in Nashville and Penny filmed her parts in New England. The magic of Cameron McCasland and Rebecca Paiva made these two parts come together with a wonderful result.

Count Gore DeVol introduces the story and comments at the end as well.

The dvd also features ton of extras such as the horror host segments of one of Penny’s shows where is fixing dinner for the return of some dead realitives while Garou wants to go the the Mexican Day Of The Dead Fest. These segments had me rolling on the floor. Very funny stuff. I can see why she was voted top horror host at this years Rondo Awards. Also is a blooper reel, Penny and Dr Gangrene introducing some of their favorite horror trailers, a short film from a horror movie contest Gangrene put on a couple of year ago and a few other things that you are sure to enjoy.

I found this dvd to be a delight to watch and it is one that I will watch over and over. I am sure it will be a big hit with the grand kids as well. As Penny Dreadful would say “It is hexcellent!!!”

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