The Collective Vol. 3

The Collective Vol 3

3.5 stars out of 4

Have you ever watched a film and wondered what it would have been like if a different film maker had been given the same project to work on?  Well, Jabb Pictures has done something like that.

The first volume of The Collective came out a couple of years ago.  I wasn’t really crazy about the idea and didn’t think it would work until I viewed it.  Wow, was I wrong.  It really gave me kind of an look inside of each film makers mind.

If you have not seen any of The Collective dvds yet, here is how it works.  Jabb pictures comes up with a subject and 10 film makers from across the country comes up with a short 10 minute film on that subject.  It is very interesting to see what each film maker comes up with.  The first volume’s subject was The Meat Eater.  I got a copy of the dvd from my friend Thomas Berdinski who was one of the film makers featured.  It just about blew my mind watching each different story as it unfolded in a different way.  Volume 2’s subject was The Box and it was just as interesting to watch as the first.

Now that brings us to The Collective Vol 3.  For the first time, this installment features all female film makers.  The subject this time is 10 Minutes To Live and I think this one is the best one so far.  Once again you are given a glimse into the mind of each ladies mind and it gives you an idea of how they view this subject.  I would like to touch on each 10 minute short in this review.

Vanessa Romanelli tackles the subject with The Conculsion which tells the story of 4 different people who choose to end their lifes at a company that helps people do just that, end their lifes.  You might reconigize Steve Dash from Friday The 13th and  Kevin Van Hentenryck from Basket Case in this short.  Each of the four people have a different reason to end their lifes and they are visited by some of the reasons they made the decision to die.

The next story is from Kate Chaplin who gives us Home Security.  This films shows us a bogus home security service who sends guys out to act as salesmen.  But what they are actually doing is checking out houses in the area that they can break into at night and scare the people into buying their security system.  Actor L.E. Bradford finds out that he breaks into the wrong house.

Robbin Panet delivers one of what I think is the best of the ten shorts with Suffer Well.  It is a little on the dark side to say the least but that is what I like about it.  I really don’t want to give much about this one away because it had me from the first few frame up to the very end.

Kylee Wall and Katie Toomey both had a hand directing the next offering called He Who Watches.  The female lead in this short discovers that she has a deadly disease.  She seems to be slipping in and out of reality and keeps seeing a strange man’s presence before her.  She believes that he can help her but in the end she is wrong.

Directed by Shelby Vogel, Stay tells a tale of a young expecetant mother living with an abusive husband.  He verbally abuses her to no end and makes her stay under the kitchen table as punishment for not having dinner ready.  You are behind this girl from the very beginning and the way the short ends will really get you.  One of the best interpretations in this volume.

Jamie Thomas’ story Snapped stays with the asshole husband story line only this time he is a cheating husband.  The wife and her friend find pictures of her husband with another girl on a social network site online.  I liked this story alot but have one complaint.  I was not really fond of the way it was filmed.  You see the end of the story first so you knew what she was doing at the very first of the film.  I would have rather had it  build up to the clamax ending.  But other than that another favorite of mine.

Athena Prychodko’s Jog was done really well too.  It tells the story of a man who is just a wee bit wacky taking his daily jog.  He starts seeing all kinds of strange visions during this run.  I love the way this one was filmed.  I believe it will be a fan favorite of all the shorts on this disc.

Palindromist from Taylor Simmons was a little hard for me to understand.  I am thinking is about a woman going thru her life.  Sometimes she is moving forward and sometimes she is moving backwards but she is always moving toward the end.  I also loved the way it was filmed.  Really nice colors and a treat for the eyes.

The Key directed by  Christy DeBruler features some friends of Monsters From The Basement.  The first is Heather Dorff who was a Babe From The Basement last year and also Marv Blauvelt and Paul Barbosa who I interviewed last year.  Marv is Heathers dead grandfather who comes to her to tell her where to find “answers”.  I like this short but also felt like it was missing something.  Maybe this story could be expanded on and made into a feature film.  I think it would work a lot better.  But like I said I did like it.

Amy Carmical’s The Pact is a film that touched me in a way the other films didn’t.  It’s a film about two teenagers, a boy and girl, and they decide to make and pact with each other and end their lifes.  They seem to have perfect lifes to their families and friends but for some reason unknown to everyone commit suicide.  Having kids myself it really hit the heart a little.

I think The Collective Vol 3 is by far the best in the series.  From what I understand there will be another volume this summer.  I am really looking forward to seeing it.  You can click here to go to the Jabb Pictures website and order all three volumes of The Collective and other films from Jabb Pictures!!