Chainsaw Sally The Movie

Chainsaw Sally The Movie


April Monique Burril, Mark Redfield, Alec Joseph, David Calhoun, Kristen Hudson, Gunnar Hansen and Herschall Gordon Lewis.

Written & Directed by Jimmy O Burril

Produced by Stuart Voytilla & Mark Redfield

4.5 out of 5 points

Sally (April Burril) is the librarian at the Porterville Library.  You don’t want to get Sally mad.  You don’t want to piss Sally off.  You don’t even want  Sally to catch you talking above a whisper in the library.  What could this petite little librarian in the John Lennon glasses ever do that would be so bad you ask?  You see Sally has two sides to her.  By day she is the cute sexy little librarian but at night she takes on a completely different personality.  The other side to her is very different.  She carries a chainsaw and she gets back at anyone who pisses her offf.  And they become a part of tomorrow nights dinner.  The daughter of Leatherface you ask?  In a way you are correct.

The story goes likes this. On a cold December night many years ago The Diamon Family was sitting around the living room watching TV and doing what any other family would be doing.  There is a knock on the door.  Sally’s dad (Gunnar Hansen)  gets up to answer the door.  When he does he finds three hoods out side with guns.  Sally’s mom and dad are shot right in front of her and her younger brother Rudy.  Mr Diamon manages to get his chainsaw and take care of the three bad guys and manages to tell Sally to take care of her brother before taking his last breath.

Fast forward to present day.  Sally and her now cross dressing brother(Alec Joseph)  live in a small house out in the middle of a large 200 acre plot of land that runs down the middle of Porterville.  The city is wanting to buy the land from the owner and develop it into high rises and office buildings.  But Sally isn’t about to let this happen and will stop at nothing to see that it doesn’t.  Her trusty chainsaw aids her in this action,  chopping up and bringing the good parts home to Rudy who always has a nice “hearty” dinner waiting on his hard working sister.  If you get on Sally’s bad side you might as well kiss the world good bye.  She will catch you,  and you won’t live to regeret it.

This film is a roller coaster ride from start to finsh.  The blood and gore are a plenty as Sally goes on her nightly rampage seeking revenge on anyone that gets under here skin.  The thing I like the most about this movie (other than the character of Sally her self) is the fact that all the effects are done the way they would have been done before CGI.  If you wanted something to happen, you made it happen with your own two hands, not a computer.  For a low budget film the blood and guts look really good.  Sally gets back at everyone from the local redneck hotshot, who tells his one night stand to kiss off,  to the cute little girl working in the ice cream stand, who tries to move in on Steve, the owner of the land and Sally’s date for the afternoon.  Ever wonder what would happen if you drank a bottle of acid?

Chainsaw Sally was born as a spokes person for Jimmy O and April’s film “Sliverscream”.  She would be at the screenings and became very popular.  She became so popular that a web site was dedicated to her.  Next was the movie and now April is in the second season of The Chainsaw Sally Show, a web show.  The first season is being released by Troma very soon.

The cast is awesome, my second favorite character has to be Rudy (Alec Joseph).  I love the relationship between him and Sally.  Real brother and sister love.  The beautiful Kristen Hudson delivers a great preforamance as well.

Sally manages to save the day, her home and everything is back to normal in Porterville.  At least as normal as it can be with a chainsaw welding hottie running amuck every night.

If you are a fan of gore, blood and sexy girls with chainsaws (and who isn’t right?) this is the movie for you.  You will fall in love with Sally the second you lay eyes on her.  The only thing that I didn’t like about this movie is that it really builds up Gunnar Hansen and Hershell Gordon Lewis’ part but actually they are both in the movie for just a few minutes.   Other than that I love this little ditty of a movie.  Low budget horror does not get any better than this I promise.  Go get your self a copy of Chain Saw Sally and you will see what I mean.

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