Ghostwater Films, Inc

Directed by Darrin Dickerson

Produced by David B. Stevens, Scott McDaniel, Tina Dickerson

Written by Darrin Dickerson

Starring Eric Berner, Ted LeGarde, Clay Brocker, Darrin Dickerson, Jaimee Gray Simon, Jeff Hime

4.5 out of 5 stars

I met Darrin Dickerson at The Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention in Chattanooga last month and talked to him about his film D4 for this website.  I really wanted to see his movie because I have seen so many awesome indie flims lately.  Darrin told me that the movie was made on a budget of next to nothing and that made me a little bit hesitant at first but the day after we got back from the convention I popped the DVD into the player and checked it out.  I was really pleased.  Even without a budget this films delivers all the punches you would expect from a film with a large budget.

The story is taken from a part of Darrin’s life.  His son was diagnosed with epilepsy at an early age.  The film is kind of his outlet for the pain, worry and stress that his family went through dealing with this condition.

The story centers around a group of  five  Special Op Mercenaries that are garthered up to go into what is believed to be a abandoned military facility nestled deep in the hills of a deep forest to search for, find and bring back the son of a femail billionaire.  She believes that her son was kidnapped by the government and being held at D4. The amount of money that is offered for this task makes this simple job a gimme.  But neither of the 5  mercenaries have any idea of what waits for them on the other side of the fence.  There is also a grandfather who is searching for his grand son,  who was taken away from him because of behavior problems.  He meets up with the chosen five  and joins them in the search.

I was really suprised at the “monster” that was lerking inside of the fence at D4 but it works really well. I was expecting and alien looking creature or something like that but i was totally wrong. I am not going to give away what awaits them on the inside of the facility but it is much more than they can handle and it seems like this “monster” can not be stopped.

I am a big fan of special effects in movies.  Big explosions, blood, guts and all that good stuff that just adds to a good horror film.  There is not a lot of that in this movie but it did not take away my enjoyment of it one little bit.  I was on the edge of my seat from the very beginning of the movie until the end.

In my opinion the cast does a superb job.  Budget or not, they make up for that with great acting skills.  You can have all the special effects you want in a movie but if the cast doesn’t deliver you have nothing.   My favorite character has to be the female member of the team, Snipe, played by Jaimee Gray Simon.  I love a movie with a female bad ass chick and Ms Simon fits the role just fine.  The team of four is rounded out by Dickerson (Smoke), Clay Brocker (Brocker), Jeff Hiem (Cutter) and Eric Berner (Sloan).  Each cast member delivers a performance that makes this a great movie.

If you like your movies with a lot of action and a stellar cast be sure to check out D4.

Darrin is going to be hitting the horror convention trail this summer with appearances at Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Fest in Nashville, Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville and Contamination in St Louis. Hopefully he will bring some of the cast with him to some of these shows. If you see him be sure to get a copy of D4.  It is one movie you will not want to miss.

Part of the proceeds from sales of D4 go to Epilepsy Research.

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