Day Of The Dead Indy 2014 Pictures And Review


In what has become a Monsters From The Basement Tradition, we headed up to Indianapolis to join in the madness that has become know as Days Of The Dead.  This was the town that Days Of The Dead was born in and since its first show it has expanded into three other cities and grows and grows each year.

Being a hard-core autograph collector, one of the main reasons I go to conventions is to meet the guests and get autographs. This year DOTD made sure that I was happy. Reunions of such moves as Night Breed, Carrie and Night Of The Demons had me excited months before the show happened.  I told Adolfo, one of the shows promoters, that this Days Of The Dead was the best show I had ever attended.  It was a great time.

The Guests At Days Of The Dead

This was the second convention that I had attended this year where PJ Soles was a guest.  As I have said before this lady is one of the nicest, sweetest and caring people you will ever meet at a convention.  She makes each fan feel special by making them feel like a friend more than just a fan.

It is cool to see some of the things people bring to these shows to get signed.

A Michael Myers doll that a girl said she had when she was a little kid.

PJ signing a telephone for my buddy Scott!

Scott and PJ with his phone and sheet that she signed for him.  He has a really cool display of these two items in his house.

There was phone behind PJ’s table and since that is how she met her death in Halloween, we took advantage of it for pictures.

Halloween Meets Child’s Play!

Now right beside PJ was her co-star in Carrie was Nancy Allen.

Nancy was just as kind and sweet as PJ.  I was able to do an interview with Nancy on Sunday.

You can hear it by clicking here!

Nancy & PJ even had “an old friend” visit them at the show!

If you get a chance to meet PJ or Nancy at a convention be sure you do. You won’t be sorry!

Sybil Danning is known as The Queen Of The B-Movies.  A guest at the show that I had never met.  She was very nice and I talked to her a few minutes about her movies and her role in Rob Zombies Halloween II.

When Jesco White was announced as a guest I was glad. Known as the Dancing Outlaw, he is a part of the White Family that was the subject of the film The Wonderful Whites Of West Va.  If you have never seen this movie check it out sometime. It will give you a ton of laughs.

It is always good seeing John Russo from Night Of The Living Dead. I love asking him questions about the movies.

John Dugan is also another guy I like seeing at shows. He was Grandpa in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre and also the latest installment of the franchise. A great guy.

I met Anne Bobby at a show a couple of years ago and did an interview with her. She was a part of DOTD’s Nightbreed Reunion.  It is always good to see her.

Craig Sheffer also from Nightbreed.

Craig talking to my friend Beth on the phone!


Me with the lovely Christine McCorkindale also from Nightbreed!

Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley.

Barbara Magnolfi who starred in the classic film Suspiria was another guest I was dying to meet.  She is such a beautiful and kind lady.  I hope Days has her back for another show.


Caleb Guss was Young Jason the in the 2009 remake of Friday The 13th.

Caleb was alongside the actor who played the Adult Jason, Derek Mears.

The American Werewolf In London himself David Naugthon. He will always be Mr Dr. Pepper to me.

The girl from the hood of David Coverdale’s car Twany Kitaen.

The girl who defined the term “scream Queen” Linnea Quigley.  Part of the Night Of The Demons Reunion.

Linnea signing a poster for a fan.

Night Of The Demons star Allison Barron!

Also from Night Of The Demons Cathy Podewell!

Kathy signing a picture for me.

Sharknado’s Tara Reid!


I am not going say anything about meet Corey Feldman because it wasn’t a very memorable experience.  When it is more important to talk to your girlfriend about your dinner plans than it is to thank a fan for handing you 150 dollars for a few autographs something is wrong. Meetings like this makes me appreciate the really kind stars like PJ, Nancy, Barbara and the others.

Corey’s Angel. Once again I will bite my tongue.

The Women Of Horror Panel

PJ, Nancy, Sybil and Camille Keaton took part in a Women In Horror Panel.  It was a very enjoyable hour. I was wishing it had lasted longer.  The crowd got to ask the ladies questions. Lots of very good answers.


I was unable to attend Jeff Wickedbeard’s Costume Contest this time but there were some very excellent costumes at the show!

And Of Course There Were Vendors

To sum it up…..

Some horror convention promise to deliver the goods but always fall short. Days Of The Dead always delivers.  I can usually judge how much fun I have had at a show by how tired I am on Sunday.  I was exhausted.  Like I said in the start of this post, Days Of The Dead Indy 2014 will go down as the best show I have ever attended.  It seems like no matter how good a show is they always seen to top it the next time. I am interested to see how they top this one.

As always a big thank you goes out to Adolfo Dorta and Bill Philput and Re Evolution Management for booking great talent and having a knowledgeable staff.

Days Of The Dead invades Los Angeles Sept 26-28 and Chicago Nov 21-23. and return to Atlanta and Indy in 2015!!!

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