Women In Horror Film Fest Photos And Recap

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the very first Women In Horror Film Fest.  Being a long time convention goer, I have seen several first time shows crash and burn, but this show was very well organized and everything ran very smoothly, the films and panels started on time and the guests and film makers were all amazing.  The fest was organized by Sam Kolesnik and Vanessa Wright.

I wish I could have attended the fest all four days but I was not able to. Hopefully next year I can. I arrived a little later than I expected to on Friday afternoon thanks to Atlanta traffic but I tried to take advantage of the time I was there.

When I finally got to the show I went in and picked up my pass and program.

The first person I ran into was my friend Sonya Thomson.  Sonya was in the first season of The Walking Dead as a zombie.  She is an amazing lady and it is always a pleasure to see her.

Since I hadn’t ate since about 8am I jumped at the chance to join Sonya and a couple of her friends for dinner. After all it is hard to do interviews on an empty stomach! HA HA!!

My first interview of the weekend was with the cast and crew of the film Murder Made Easy.  The film centers around a woman, Joan who after a year is dealing with the death of her family. The female lead in the film was played by Jessica Graham.

Jessica Graham

Writing credits go to Tim Davis

Murder Made Easy was directed by Dave Palamaro

Sherri Kauk handled the cinematography on the film

Sherri, Dave, Jessica and Tim representing Murder Made Easy

Tim and Dave striking a pose for the camera

Dave sent me an online link to the film and I have to say it is really good!  Be looking for a review of the film here soon.

The next person I met was a very sweet lady.  Bel Delia is from Australia and had just became a US citizen a few days before the fest.

Bel was in Atlanta representing the short film she appeared in Scratch. The film takes place in the 1950s and centers around a housewife, Lily who has a cheating husband.  She makes a discovery about strange noises coming from the walls of her house.  It is a very cool story and I really enjoyed watching it.

Scratch also stars Camron Robertson and was directed by Emma Bell from The Walking Dead and Adam Green’s Frozen.

Bel will also be appearing in the up coming movie The Tangle.

Lynne Hansen was the writer, producer and director of the horror comedy Chomp that played at the fest.

Chomp is about a little old lady that sees a drunk college kid walking home from a Halloween party dressed as a zombie.  Of course she thinks he is a real zombie and chains him up in her garage.  The rest of the film is about the kid trying to convince her that he is not a real zombie.  Sounds like a great plot and I have always been a big fan of horror and comedy in the same movie so I am really looking forward to it.

Lynn Lowry who was in George Romero’s The Crazies as well as Shivers and I Drink Your Blood was also at the show.  She is a very sweet lady. I had interviewed her in Nashville several years ago and it is always great seeing her again.

Me with Lynn Lowry

I must say the highlight of my weekend was getting to meet and interview Jen & Sylvia Soska AKA The Twisted Twins.

I had heard about how awesome The Soska Sisters are and I can say they are amazing.  I asked them if they would be interested in an interview and all they said was “Let’s do it”! Having been to many conventions I have gotten over the nervous feeling you get meeting someone you admire, but I have to say my inter fanboy was in high gear during the interview.

Just talking with the sisters, you can feel their passion for film making. They light up a room when they walk into it and are so funny and so kind.

My interview with them was one of the best I have ever done.  We talked about growing up with a mother that loved horror, their favorite directors and their up coming project, a remake of Cronenburg’s Rabid!  That is going to be a must see on my list.

I will have the interview posted very soon here.  This was a great chat so if you are a fan of the Twisted Twins you will want to be sure to give it a listen!

This picture is my favorite from the weekend!

My friend Dawn with Jen & Sylvia with “American Mary”

I also got the chance to interview Mylo Carbia who wrote the book The Raping Of Ava DeSantis. The book was a #1 best seller.  She has also been a ghost writer on several films. I can’t wait to read the book!

Special effects make up was also a focus at the show. We sit in on a make up panel that was very interesting.

It is amazing to me how real these look.

We also watched a lady being transformed into a cenobite before our eyes.

She has such sights to show you!! The finished product looked very cool!

My next interview was with Cristin Azure.  Cristin was promoting a film she produced called Cherry Bomb.

If you check out her IMDB Page you will see that she is an actress, producer, stunt driver and location manager.  Such a diverse lady!

Other projects Cristin has been involved with include The Walking Dead, Bullseye B**ches, Stan Against Evil and How To Make A Snuff Film.

Cherry Bomb produced by Cristin Azure!

Our Saturday ended with The Soska Sisters Panel. The panel was called You Finished Your Film Now What? These ladies should be every film makers role models.  They have so much advice to offer and radiate positive vibes.

Here is a list of the winning films from The Women In Horror Film Fest:

Murder Made Easy

Runner up – Buzzard Hollow Beef
WINNER – Ruin Me

Runner up – Alfred J Hemlock

Runner up – Suffer The Little Children
WINNER – Scratch – Film

Runner up – Humbug
WINNER – From Hell She Rises

Runner up – Marco Polo
WINNER – The Chute

Runner up – Liz Drives
WINNER – Creatures of Whitechapel

Runner up – Huff & I’ll Puff
WINNER – 106 White Lake

Runner up – Satanica
WINNER – Chasing Jenny

WINNER – Unbearing

WINNER – Lucy Campbell for Squeal

WINNER – Melissa Penton Lyons & Edward Lyons for Alfred J Hemlock

WINNER – Michael Swaigen for Satanica

Sushi Soda & Sally Thompson for Little Lamb Movie

Kaye MacDonald for UNDRESS ME

Michael Damon for Lou Simon’s 3

Astrida Auza for Suffer The Little Children

Runner up – The Pardoner by Colin Harker
WINNER – Hospitality by Hannah Robinson

Runner up – God’s Work is Never Done by Tara Carre Hall
WINNER – Devil to Pay by Julie Moran & Kemmy Moran

I have to say everyone that entered a film for this event is a winner.  It was such a great event and a excellent chance to network and connect with other like minded people.

I am so glad I got to attend this event and really wish I had been able to attend all four days.  I will next year for sure.

I would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone involved with the fest.  The organizers, the fest staff, the actresses and actors, film makers, film crews and fans deserve a big pat on the back.  Your hard work shined over the weekend. Thank you one and all!

And a big thank you to my friend Dawn for coming along and helping me with photos!

Looking forward to what 2018 brings!

Click here for the Women In Horror Film Fest Website!

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