Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Convention 2015 Photos & Review!!!


I loved springtime in Tennessee. But not for the flowers and green grass. Springtime means it is time for Ben & Stacey Dixon’s Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Convention. This was the first convention I ever attended and started my convention addiction.  Full Moon celebrated it’s 14th year of serving the south’s horror fans and it was another great show. They always have great guest, tons of vendors and tattoo artists. I always have great fun at Full Moon!!!

This year I was able to get off work early on the Friday of the show and headed to the show to pick up my pass and see some of my good friends. Ben got my pass for me and the weekend was started!!!


Me and Full Moon promoter Ben Dixon!!!

Guests At This Years Show!!!


The first guest I was looking forward to seeing was my favorite actress and good friend PJ Soles.  She is such a very sweet lady who really loves meeting her fans.  PJ was in Halloween, Carrie, Rock & Roll High School and The Devils Rejects to name a few.


PJ Soles signing a poster for a fan


PJ talking to a very young Halloween fan


PJ’s “neighbor” for the weekend was Ken Foree. He kept us laughing all weekend long!


PJ does a lot of conventions across the country, if she is at a convention in your area, be sure to stop by her table and meet this wonderful lady. She is awesome.


Roddy Piper is a wrestling legend and he was a guest at the show. I have been to several conventions he has been at but I never got the chance to meet him. I decided that I would do it at Full Moon. He was a super nice guy and I was glad I took the time to meet him this time.


Veteran actor Ted White was a guest as well. He has been in so many films it would be impossible to list them all. He was also a stunt man and has worked with such big names as John Wayne. But most of the fans meeting him at Full Moon know him as Jasson from Friday The 13th The Final Chapter!


Tony Morga is the only actor who has played both Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. It was hard for me to decide to get a Jason picture from him or a Halloween picture from him!


Jason Lively played Rusty Griswold in European Vacation and Chris in Night Of The Creeps. We talked about the new Vacation movies coming out this summer and agreed it looked like it will be a fun movie.


David Della Rocco appeared in both Boondock Saints films. I had never met him before either. He was really fun to talk with. He was asking me about my camera because he was wanting to get one soon.

DSC_6366Sean Patrick Flanery was also in The Boondock Saints movies as well. He was at the table next to David.


Caroline Williams was in the second Texas Chainsaw Massacre film and has a new film coming out this fall called Tales Of Halloween. Look for it around the end of October!


Bill Johnson who played Leatherface along side Caroline was a guest at the show too. I got a picture signed by both or them!

DSC_6360Horror artist Joel Robinson with PJ and his awesome Devil’s Rejects artwork!

Panels At Full Moon

I really enjoy attending panels at conventions.  The first one I went to was the Women Of Horror Panel with PJ, Caroline, Ginger Lynn and Leslie Easterbrook.

Here are a few pictures for that panel



Leslie Easterbrook


PJ Soles


Ginger Lynn


Caroline Williams


Stacey Dixon sit in on the panel for a while until she was needed somewhere else. Her and Ben both are all over the place during the weekend.


The Women Of Horror with The Bride Of Frankenstein

The Devil’s Rejects Panel

Whenever you get Bill Moseley, Ken Foree and the cast of The Devils Rejects you know it is going to be a great time.  I couldn’t miss this one.


Leslie Easterbrook and Ken Foree


Bill Moseley and PJ Soles


Leslie, Ken & William Forsythe


Ginger Lynn, PJ & Bill


The Devil’s Rejects taking a bow for their fans!

Fan’s Costumes

As I have said many times before, I love seeing the costumes people come up with. Full Moon had some really great ones!!


This is the girl that was in the photo above with The Women Of Horror



This lady was in bad shape!


This guy meant business!!! Would hate to make him mad!


PJ with one of the actors from Ben & Stacey’s Haunted House


A very cool makeup job!


Looks like this girl could use a visit to the chiropractor!


This girl proves that you can be cute and creepy at the same time!


Another amazing makeup!


People’s creativity is never ending!


This girl has a very bad sinus problem!!



As you can see we had another great weekend at The Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Convention in Nashville.  Ben and Stacey Dixon always do a great job putting on this show. They also own several tattoo shops in the Nashville area and this past fall opened their haunted attraction Slaughter House.

For more info click here

A big thanks to everyone involved with the show and especially to Ben and Stacey for giving Tennessee it’s yearly dose of horror!!!