Days Of The Dead – Louisville, Kentucky – 2017

Days Of The Dead returned to Louisville, Ky for it’s second year.  The weekend once again was a great success with amazing guests, panels, and a Tattoo Expo as well.  From the time I arrived on Thursday afternoon until I left Sunday, I was surrounded by great friends, never ending parties and just an all around great vibe.  I look forward to each and every DOTD Convention and I am so glad they added Louisville to their roster!

Here is a recap of my weekend!

Days Of The Dead Hall Of Fame

This past summer at the show in Indy, DOTD started inducting people into their Hall Of Fame.  Inductees are people that have been a part of the conventions since the start and have helped make it the great show it has become. For the next few shows there will be inductees at each show. Then it will be done once a year.  Two celebrities and one indie person will be added each time.

In Indy Sid Haig, Roddy Piper and Jason Hoover were inducted.  In Louisville PJ Soles, George Romero, Harry Bean and Scott Medjesky were added.  Yes, that is 4 people but if you are a regular attendee you know that Harry and Scott are a huge part of each show and one could not be inducted without the other.

Michael Exler from The East Coast Horror Group giving a very nice tribute to the late George Romero.  After Michael’s speech we were treated to a video of some clips of some of his movies and some interviews as well.

I was very honored to be asked by DOTD to give a speech about PJ Soles before her induction into The Hall Of Fame.  It was the first time I had spoke in front of a group since I had been in high school I think.  I was nervous to say the least but it was amazing to be able to honor such and amazing lady and good friend.  Thanks to my friend Jane for taking photos.

Giving PJ a “Welcome To The Hall Of Fame” hug!

Watching clips from some of PJ’s films.

PJ was very touched by being inducted into the Hall Of Fame.PJ thanking DOTD and her many fans!

The trophy was very cool. I wish I had gotten a photo of it.

Adolfo talking about Harry & Scott!

Harry Bean

Scott Medjesky

The Guests

I was helping PJ at her table during the show.  We had some very cool “table neighbors” for the weekend.  David Naughton from American Werewolf In London and Butch Patrick from The Munsters.

PJ had several visitors at her table over the weekend.  One of them was Gary Busey!

Also Tony Moran who played Michael Myers in the first Halloween!

Tony, me & PJ

Other than Halloween, my second favorite horror franchise is Friday The 13th.  Lar Park Lincoln who was in Part 7 was a guest at the show.

Lar Park Lincoln looking beautiful on Sunday Morning!

Ginger Lynn from The Devils Rejects

The one and only Gary Busey!

Linda Blair is such a sweet lady!

Click here for Linda’s Worldheart Foundation for Animal Rescue

Bai Ling who appeared in The Crow!

She didn’t mind taking several photos!

Wrestler Angelina Love was a surprise guest at DOTD.

My friend from North Carolina, Jimma,  had emailed me and said she wanted to get David Naughton’s autograph.  I told her that he was going to be in Louisville in a couple weeks and that I could get it for her.  A few hours later she emailed me back and said she had gotten tickets and would be at the show on Saturday!

So she traveled from NC to Louisville with her son and cousin to meet David.  I really love the picture I got of her hugging David.

Jimma and David

Of course she had to meet PJ as well.Jimma, her cousin Kelly and PJ Everyone loves meeting PJ Soles.  Here is my friend Jane with her.  Jane went to the Hall Of Fame Induction with us and helped me out taking photos.

PJ and my good friend Dave!

And there were costumes!

Larry Lutze above and below. He is part of the DOTD Team and really has some amazing costumes!

Would you buy an ice cream from this guy?

PJ with Chucky and Capt Spalding mini-mes!

PPeople are really creative with their make-ups.

See what I mean?

Any there were clowns….

The Shinning Twins

A Worlds record was set over the weekend Chris Steele AKA The Capt. of The Capt. & Maybelle attempted to break the worlds record for swallowing a 24 inch sword which he successfully did Saturday Night!

Chris talking to the crowd about what he was attempting to do.

Chris measuring the sword to make sure it was the correct length

The actual act

A very happy couple….The Capt & Maybelle. They have become DOTD regulars so be sure to check them out the next time you see them.

It always amazes me to think how many wonderful people I have thru conventions, especially Days Of The Dead.  From the fans, dealers, staff and the guests as well.

Tony and PJ are two very special people. I always enjoy hanging out with both at shows.

Farrah, Haley, Destiny and Gordie

Allie is a new friend I met at this show.

Jimma is a part of my concert going friend group and now is a part of the horror convention group. She said she is hooked!

My good friend Violet sells Biker & Horror Related Jewelry.  Very high quality stuff.

A small sample of what she carries.

Click her to check her out online!

Always good seeing Joel Robinson! Some of the best horror artwork around!

Joel’s website!

Andie and Stacy.

Three people that make DOTD so great! Troy, Krystal & Chris….

And a 4th, Adam!

And Kim, another DOTD Volunteers. Such a sweet lady!

My friend Sam, huge Nightmare On Elm St fan.

PJ with my friend Lisa!

Hall Of Famers PJ and Harry

Always great vendors at DOTD.  Everything from action figures to horror movie soundtracks could be had in the Dealer Room.

You could even get your photo made in a coffin, if that is something you have always wanted to do!

As you can see, DOTD Louisville was a great fun time! The second of many more I hope.  Thanks to the Days Of The Dead Staff & Volunteers for always giving us fans the best.

Next city on the 2017 DOTD Tour is Chicago…..

Click here for all the info!

See you there!!!

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