Days Of The Dead – Indianapolis, Indiana – 2017

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a very special birthday party.  It was the 7th Birthday of what has become my favorite Horror Convention, Days Of The Dead in Indianapolis.  The convention started seven years ago.  Since then DOTD has expanded to Atlanta, Louisville, LA, Chicago and next year Charlotte, NC.  The show is run by horror fans for horror fans.  Each show gets better and better and this was no exception to that statement.

I love meeting the stars from movies that I have enjoyed over the years and I got to do just that in Indy this year.

One of the best movie reunions I have seen in a long time was the Dawn Of The Dead  Reunion.  It featured Gaylen Ross, Ken Foree and Scott Reiniger.  David Emge who played “Flyboy” was supposed to be there but had to cancel because of health reasons as did George Romero.

With Gaylen Ross from Dawn Of The Dead

Scott Reiniger also from Dawn Of The Dead.

Ken Foree talking with a fan!

Dawn Of The Dead Photo Op

Not only was there a Dawn Of The Dead Reunion but also a Day Of The Dead Reunion as well.

I always had a huge crush on Lori Cardillie so it was really cool to finally get to meet her.

One of the most iconic zombies ever has to be Bub in Day Of The Dead. He was the first zombie that I remember that had a personality.  Howard Sherman was also in Indy for the weekend.

Howard signing a pic for me.

It is always fun seeing my sweet friend Adrienne King from Friday The 13th.

The amazing Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp. If you have never met her, you need to.  She is so wonderful!

As a kid I grew up watching all the classic monster films on TV Saturday afternoons.  I still enjoy them.  Godzilla was always a favorite of mine so you have no idea how excited I was to get to meet some of the actors that played Godzilla.

It was a real honor to meet two Godzillas. Above is Tsutomu Kitagawa and below is the first Godzilla, Haruo Nakajima.

What I like about DOTD is they don’t just cater to the horror fan, but they have wrestlers, rock stars and pop culture icons. Here I am with 2014 HOF member Lita!

Speaking of rock stars, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider was at the show as well!!! I WANNA ROCK!!!

These two “Dee Heads” were sit up in Dee’s booth.  One from Strangeland and one from Twisted Sister!

Independent film makers are always well represented at DOTD.  Here I am with the three ladies from Space Babes From Outer Space, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler & Ellie Church.  Oh yeah, there is also one of the Scrotes there as well!

A picture with Ellie Church without her Space Babe outfit.

When I was young I was always a circus sideshow fan.  The Captain & Maybelle keep this dying art alive! They are amazing to watch!!!

It is always cool seeing Kane Hodder. He is a great guy!

There is always some event going on at DOTD.  It is hard to attend all of them.  This time one event I really wanted to see was The Days Of The Dead Hall Of Fame.  For the next year, DOTD will be adding 3 people who have become “horror family” thru the show. After the first year they will add 3 people each year.

Jason Hoover has been with DOTD since the beginning.  He hosts the 48 Hour Film Fest at each show.

Roddy Piper was a guest at several DOTD shows.  The world was shocked last year at his passing.  He was the second inductee into the DOTD HOF.  Here is Bill accepting the award for Hot Rod.

Sid Haig is a fan favorite at any convention he attends.  He was the third member of the Days Of The Dead Hall Of Fame.  You could tell it really meant a lot to him as he spoke to the crowd.

After Sid accepted his award they were showing some clips of some of his films on the screen behind the stage!

If you visit this website very often, you know that I love seeing all of the amazing costumes that the fans come up with.  So much creativity in some of them. Here are some of the cool ones that I saw roaming the halls and at the costume contest!

I ran into this bird outside the hotel. She was really into the character too, making bird sounds and strutting around.

This was a very cool costume.  The photo above and below show two different views of the same costume.

I would hate to run into this lady on a dark road!

Jeff Cochran as Ghost Rider!

Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice!

Another night in the coal mines!

I really liked this lady’s costume. She was a really nice person to talk to as well.

A view of her whole costume!

Chris Blair who hosts the FX Make Up Contest!

Harley Quinn

Amy & Dustin always have some of the coolest characters at the show.

Count Chocula, and he didn’t even bring any cereal for us!!!

Larry & Ingrid Lutze are DOTD regulars and Larry hosts the costume contest!

I caught Elvia by surprise outside the hotel restaurant! A female Dr Herbert West from The Re-Animator

Looks like the Big Bad Wolf had better watch out!!

Pig Boy!

The Nun!

Female Kiss!!

Never trust a girl with a sledge hammer!

They Live!!!

One of my favorite costumes from the weekend.

Zombie Uncle Sam!

Awesome costume!

Jeepers Creepers!

A lot of work went into this costume!

Family picture!

Leatherface & Victim Krampus

When I first started going to conventions, it was all about meeting the celebrities, but now I look forward to seeing all of the friends I have made over the years.  It is like a family reunion!

With Amy as the Alien Queen.

Dave & Farrah

Farrah & me

My friend Sam with John Russo

My sweet friend Kim

Harry Bean AKA DJ Munchies


One of my favorite people to see at DOTD Krystal

Horror Artist Joel Robinson, you can check out his stuff at

He has some awesome prints, posters and shirts for sale!

It was awesome getting to hang out with Violet at the show. She sells some really cool jewelry for horror fans.

Click here to check out some of her stuff!

Felissa & Farrah

Such a great time hanging with actress and friend Michelle at the show. She is an actress and model. She has appeared in the film Candie’s Harem and the upcoming film Second Chances.

Click here for info on Second Chances!Getting a hug from Michelle! Such a sweet lady!

Always great running into Dave

With my friend Sam

This was my favorite Indy show to date.  Like I said they just keep getting better and better.  The whole crew has came up with a game plan that works and it really shows.

A big thank you go out to Adolfo Dorta, Carrie Gedeon, Billy Phillput, Rick Lura, Harry Bean, Scott Medjesky, Larry Lutze and the rest of the crew at Days Of The Dead for putting on a great show time after time.

The next DOTD show will be happening in Louisville, Ky Sept. 1-3, 2017.

Click here for all the info on Louisville!

See you there!

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