Days Of The Dead Chicago 2017

Once again we traveled to Chicago to attend Days Of The Dead.  It was the last big convention of the year and there was no way I was going miss it.

DOTD is my very favorite convention to attend. They always have an amazing lineup of guests and I have made so many great friends from attending these shows that it is like a family reunion every time I go.

My friend Jane and I rode together from Nashville. It was a long drive but having someone to talk to during the drive helped the drive go by a bit faster.

This is a view of the end of the line to get in to DOTD on Saturday.  It went down the hall from the ticket area and ended in the hotel lobby. It is this way at all of the DOTD shows.

Celebrity Guests

My first stop was the table of Diora Baird from the remake of Night Of The Demons.

She was very beautiful and so sweet.

Ronnie Cox was one of the guests that I really wanted to meet. He has been in so many great movies over the years. He was impressed that I remember his first TV show Apples Way.

Gaylen Gorg from Twin Peaks was a guest as well. I loved meeting and talking with her!

Of course I had to get a picture with Felissa Rose! She is one of those people who brighten up the room when she walks in. A beautiful person inside and out!

Carrie Henn from Aliens. I always have to stop by her table to say hello.

It is hard to attend all of the events over the course of the weekend at DOTD, but I really wanted to attend Sean Astin’s. I am a huge fan of both his mom and dad, Patty Duke and John Astin, and a big fan of his as well.

I was excited about meeting Alice Krige. I love her in the movie Ghost Story. I still find it to be a very scary movie.

Doug Bradley getting his DOTD Hall Of Fame Award.

I was so excited about seeing Jen & Sylvia Soska again in Chicago. I had met them in Atlanta at the Women In Horror Film Fest a couple months prior.  I can’t say enough to even scratch the surface of how awesome they both are.

Getting a big Soska Hug!

Chatting with Jen & Sylvia Soska

These ladies have such a bright future ahead of them. I look forward to seeing their remake of Rabid.  I gave them a one sheet poster form Cronenburg’s Rabid that I had in my collection. I think they liked it.


I must say DOTD has some of the coolest cosplayers out there. Check out some of the creative costumes that were roaming the halls that weekend!

Amy is a DOTD regular. She comes up with some amazing costumes. Check out some of her many faces over the weekend!

Being a huge Alien fan, this has always been a favorite of mine!

Chris Blair who hosts the FX Make Up Challenge is a great Frank from Hellraiser!

Chucky & his bride

I loved this one!

Pint sized Chucky!

Don’t look her in the eyes!

Of course with Christmas being close Krampus was roaming around.

Larry Lutze hosting the costume contest on Saturday!

The remake of It got a lot of peoples creative juices flowing! Or should I say floating?

Larry talking to one of the kids that dressed up for the contest.

Chucky’s Bride

A very good Capt. Spalding

I loved this one! Raoul!

Really awesome makeup!

Wanna play a game?



This young lady is not having a good day!

With the helment……

….and without!

Somebody get this girl some tutti-fruity ice cream!

This one made everyone’s head turn!

Life size Scare Bear!!

FX Make Up Challenge

I attended my first FX Makeup Challenge several shows ago and it has became a must see event at each show now. It his hosted by Chris Blair.

Adam Holtzapfel helped Chris out as co-host of the event in Chicago. This is really fun to watch. If you enjoy the show Face Off you will really like this event.

There are 4 makeup artists who are given a box of materials to work with. They must create a makeup on their models using only the items in the box.

Here are some photos from the challenge in Chicago!

I find it so interesting to watch the artists transform their models with their makeup skills.

Here are the finished makeups:

Hanging With Friends

As I stated before I have made a ton of great friends by attending DOTD. I love seeing them at each show. I usually come home to a bunch of new friend requests on Facebook after each show.

My wonderful Alabama friends Farrah and Destiny. We were hanging out on Thursday night!

Sherri, Jane and Mayra

I went to the Sears Tower in Chicago on Friday morning with Jane and Mayra.

Hanging with Sherri outside in the cold!

Selfie with Marcella


I don’t feel like it is a DOTD without a photo with Kim.

One of my favorite people in the world, Mikey!

Actress, model and film director Michelle Morris AKA Portia Chellelynn. Be sure to check out her latest film Second Chances!

Michelle as Chucky!

Of course Harry Bean was providing the soundtrack for DOTD all weekend long!

There were a couple regular faces missing from the show this time. Scott & Sam Medjesky. Sam found out she had cancer before the show and they were unable to attend. I am sure I speak for the whole Days Of The Dead Family when I send them out positive thought and healing prayers. We will see you both very soon!

And that is another DOTD in the books. But don’t worry they will be back in Atlanta Feb 2-4, 2018.

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