Days Of The Dead Chicago 2015


The convention season of 2015 ended with a big bang when Days Of The Dead once again invaded The Windy City Of Chicago. The time it wasn’t only The Windy City, but it was the snowy city.  Snow moved in Friday afternoon and kept falling all day Saturday.


I had headed up to Chicago on Thursday and was really glad that I did as I got there before the show started falling.


By Saturday night over 12 inches of snow fell but that did not hamper the spirits of hundreds of horror fans who came out to support one of the best horror shows in the country, Days Of The Dead.

I have said this before and I will say it again, Days Of The Dead gets better and improves with each show.  They have grown in five short years from one show in Indy to 5 shows, adding the town of Louisville, Kentucky to the town that will play host to this great event in 2016!!!


I was so excited about this news. I am really looking forward to attending this show and seeing what they bring to the Blue Grass State.

2015 In Chicago

This year Days Of The Dead had a guest list that made my mouth water.  Here are some pictures with some of the guests attending.


One guest that really had me excited was Sean Yseult.  Music fans may know her as the bass player in Rob Zombie’s band White Zombie.  After the break up of that band she has been involved with several projects of her own including Famous Monsters and Star & Dagger.  She also wrote a book called “I’m With The Band: Backstage Notes From The Chick In White Zombie” which I bought a copy from her. It is a great book if you are a fan.  It is like a diary from the touring days with White Zombie.


Another very cool guest I was wanting to meet was Rea Dawn Chong. Of course she is the daughter of Tommy Chong, but she is also a brilliant actress in her own right and a very sweet lady as well.


Days Of The Dead always brings some very good reunions to there shows. For Chicago it was a Jaws Reunion.  Carl Gottlieb who wrote Jaws, as well as Jaws 2 and The Jerk was on hand to meet the many Jaws fans in attendance.


Being a horror movie fan in the 70’s I remember seeing Jaws in the theater like it was yesterday.  I remember how terrifying it was seeing Chrissie being tossed about in the ocean at the very first of the film.  The actress Susan Blacklinie was also on board for the Jaws reunion.


Joe Alves, who was the production designer on Jaws rounded out the reunion.  He had copies of his story boards from the film on sale at his table.


WWF Wrestling Champ Chyna was another guest I wanted to meet.  She was awesome with her fans and it was a real pleasure to meet her.


Anyone that knows me any at all, knows that I am a huge fan of PJ Soles.  She starred in some of the best classic horror movies of all times, Carrie and Halloween.  She also appeared in Stripes with Bill Murry and Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn.  And what has to be one of my favorite films of all times Rock & Roll High School with The Ramones.


PJ has become a regular guest at the Days Of The Dead shows and no matter how many times she is a guest, she has fans standing in line to meet her all weekend.  She is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will every meet.  Fans always come up to me and tell me how much they love her and how much they enjoy meeting and talking with her time after time.


PJ with a very young fan of Halloween.


PJ Soles and Tony Moran who was one of the actors who played Michael Myers in Halloween.



Stephanie Masco from the SyFy Channel’s Face Off was at the show all weekend showing off her make-up talents.


Anthony Kosar and Jamie Leodones also from Face Off. I love this show and it was great to meet some of the talent from the show.


It is always great to see the lovely and talented Felissa Rose at Days Of The Dead.



Kane Hodder (aka Jason) is another guest who always has a long line at his table. The fans love Friday The 13th.


David Naughton from American Werewolf In London was in Chicago this year.  This movie is one of my favorites and contains on of the best werewolf transformations ever put on film.


Cassandra Peterson who has portrayed Elvira for many years as herself.  This lady never ages. She looks just as good now as she did in the 80’s.


Sandahl Bergman who played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan The Barbarian. She was also in All That Jazz, Xanadu and Hell Comes To Frogtown.  She was really sweet and very friendly with her fans.


Doug Bradley aka Pinhead from the Hell Raiser Films.

PJ, Rae and Sandahl had a very fun Ladies In Film Panel out in the big tent






It is always great to see friends at cons.  It is the main thing I look forward to about conventions. This is a pic of me with my convention friend Amy.


With Amy’s dad Hoss. One of the coolest guys you will ever meet!!


Amy also brings some amazing costumes with her to wear during the shows.  Here is one of her with PJ.

And speaking of costumes…..


Big Larry as Mr Sprinkles The Ice Cream Man.


Jeff Wickedbeard as Twisty The Clown from American Horror Story.

Here are some more of the amazing costumes from the weekend!


One of my favorites from Chicago!









Rocky & Frank

There are always some great vendors at the Days Of The Dead Shows





The Clay Guy has some great painted models from your favorite horror flicks


Atomic Cotton’s T Shirt Designs





Well, all good things have to come to an end and on Sunday afternoon it was time to leave Chicago and head back home.  I was worried about driving home after all the snow, but when I got on the interstate I was amazed that the roads were clear and dry.  If you got 12 inches of snow in Tennessee, the state would have been shut down for a week!!!

I hope you enjoyed this Days Of The Dead review.  If you love horror and attending conventions you need to be sure to attend one of their shows in 2016.  There will be shows in Atlanta, Indy, LA, Louisville and again in Chicago.

As always a huge thanks to Adolfo, Carrie and Bill for giving us horror fans what we want.  With a lot of conventions popping up that charge an arm a leg just to get in, Days Of The Dead keeps it real for us, and that is one of the main things I like about the shows.

Hope to see you at a Days Of The Dead event this coming year.  The next show is in Atlanta in Febuary!!

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