Days Of The Dead – Atlanta, Ga – 2017


We started out the 2017 Convention with a bang and attended the Days Of The Dead Convention in Atlanta, Ga in Feb 2017.  This was the 6th year in a row DOTD hosted a show in Atlanta.  As with any DOTD show, there were amazing guests, great vendors and of course, great friends.  If you attended the show, you know what a great weekend it was, if not, check out what you missed!!!


This was the scene in the lobby on Saturday morning as fans started to arrive and waited for the show to open. DOTD has become a favorite to hundreds or horror fans.

DSC_4619Speaking of amazing guests, I was over joyed that my personal favorite, PJ Soles was at the show.  I have said it many times, she is such a sweetheart.  She always has a big smile on her face and really loves meeting her fans.

Linda Blair was also a guest at the show.  PJ and Linda have a mutual friend, Mike Clark, who owns the Portland video rental store Movie Madness. His store features over 100 pieces of movie memorabilia, including PJ’s jacket that she wore in Rock & Roll High School. How cool is that?


PJ Soles with Linda Blair


PJ reunited with Capt Spaulding!


One thing that I love about DOTD is the fact that they book not only guests from horror films, but also wrestlers, pop culture icons and rock musicians.  I really enjoyed meeting David Ellefson from Megadeath.


Steve Dash, who played Jason in the second instalment of Friday The 13th is such a nice guy.  Over the years I have talked with Steve many times and also interviewed him for this website.  Him and his wife were at the show.  It is always great to see him.


Michelle Helmeczy and I have been friends on Facebook for several years.  She appeared in The Walking Dead a few years ago.  I was so happy to finally get to meet her face to face at DOTD.  She is a really sweet lady.


I ran into another “zombie friend” at the show. Sonya Thompson, was a walker in the first season of The Walking Dead.  Always a pleasure to see her!


The Netflix show, Stranger Things, was one of the biggest hits of 2016.  DOTD had 4 of the main cast member on hand in Atlanta.  They really got excited when they met PJ Soles.  She gave them each an autographed photo.  Here is Gaten Matarazzo showing off his photo.


Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things.


Finn Wolfhard also from Stranger Things.

Noah Schnapp was at the show too.  He got sick towards the end of the day and left a little early.

I have to say these are some of the coolest kids I have ever met.  They all 4 were very kind and you could really tell that they loved meeting fans of the show.


CJ Graham starred as Jason in the 6th Friday The 13th film and reprised his role in the Alice Cooper video from the movie, The Man Behind The Mask.


Someone else I always love talking with is Amanda Wyss from Nightmare On Elm St and Fast Times At Ridgemont High.  She is another sweetheart.


My good friend Dawn came on Sunday and we decided to do a photo op with Linda Blair.  Linda was so nice talking with us. I always enjoy seeing her. rickflair

Since I had never done a photo op with Ric Flair, I wanted to get one this time.  Woooooo!!!


Days Of The Dead always has something cool going on all weekend!


The PJ Soles Q&A was a lot of fun.  I always love hearing some of the questions that the fans ask!


Chris Blair during the FX Makeup Challenge.

It is sometime hard to make to every event during the weekend. This year for the first time I attended the FX Makeup Challenge.  This was really a cool event.  Hosted by Chris Blair, 4 makeup artists are given a box of items and they have an hour to use those items in a FX Makeup. The artist this time were Stephanie Anderson, Kyle Montcrief, Tommy Pietch and Roy Wooley.  Here are some photos from the Challenge….


Chris Blair and Guest Judge PJ Soles.


CJ Graham was also a judge of the Challenge. Here he is watching as the makeup artists do their thing.


Here are some photos of the makeup artists using the items that they were given to create their makeups! DSC_4697 DSC_4709


The finished Makeups…

DSC_4718 DSC_4722 DSC_4725



DSC_4743 DSC_4744

The winner of The FX Makeup Challenge was……DSC_4728

Stephanie Anderson and her Wolfgirl creation!


I didn’t get the girls name, but she did a good job at staying in character after her makeup was finished!


The judges and the finished makeups.


Chris Blair, judges, makeup artists and the finished makeups.

This was the first time I had attended this event but like I said it was great fun.  It was like watching a whole season of Face Off crammed into an hours.  I will be checking this out again.  You can check out the event for the next DOTD FX Makeup Challenge on Facebook.

I didn’t get a chance to attend the Costume Contest but I did get some photos of some of the great costumes walking around during the weekend!



I think this lady attends just about every DOTD show.  I always love her Bride Of Chucky costume!


I found a girl dressed as Chanel # 3 from Scream Queens.



PJ and a costumed fan!


A beautiful female clown.


Getting ready for some Clockwork Orange Action!

DSC_4666 DSC_4671



Looks like someone didn’t have fun at the prom!


Mr and Mrs Sprinkles AKA Larry & Ingrid Lutze


Another of Larry Lutze’s creations


Harry Bean spinning the tunes for the Scary-Okee!


Adding some Bowie to the mix!


Scary-Okee was fun and a little scary…..


Some guys watching the Scary-Okee!!


These young ladies were handing promo material for the new movie Rings during the weekend.  The film was released that Friday.


Got to meet my Facebook friend Tom for the first time at the show!


I hadn’t seen Stacie in several years! It is always good to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while!


Me and my friends Farrah and Shelly getting photo bombed by a zombie, where else but at DOTD?


And getting photo bombed by an unidentified woman!


I was going to take a picture of Ashley, Farrah and Destiny in front of the Halloween house but this guy stepped into the picture…..


Asked him to move but he insisted on being in the picture……the nerve of some people!!!


My dear friend Krystal with PJ in front of The Halloween House.


You didn’t think I was going to pass on such an awesome photo op did you?


My awesome friend Dawn with PJ!


My friend and jewelry vendor Violet.  Always great seeing her. She has some really cool jewelry for sale.


Always great seeing actress and model Michelle Morris.


Hanging out with The Art Pusher himself, Joel Robinson!


Always great making new friends like Sam!!


Farrah & PJ


Larry out of makeup!


Me with two of my very best friends on the planet Farrah and Dawn!


Dawn with one of the audience members from PJ’s Q&A.

DSC_4806Krystal is one of the DOTD Volunteers who helps keep everything moving smoothly during the weekend.  DOTD has such a wonderful group of volunteers and staff members.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  One of the reasons this series of shows has become my favorite to attend!


With my friend Chris, who recently appeared in an episode of The Walking Dead!


Me with Scott Medjesky who hosts That Damn Tattoo Contest at each DOTD Show and the Tattoo Expo at the show in Louisville.

As you can see once again I had an amazing time at Days Of The Dead Atlanta 2017!!!


No matter what you like about attending Horror Conventions, meeting celebrities from many different fields of entertainment, checking out the vendors, hanging out with and making great friends, Days Of The Dead is just what you are looking for.

I would like to say a big thank you to not only the staff of Days Of The Dead, but all the celebrities, volunteers and vendors for getting 2017 off to an amazing start!

Days Of The Dead’s next show is in the town of it’s birth, Indianapolis.  Make plans to attend for one of the biggest parties of your life!

Click here for the DOTD website for info!

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