Days Of The Dead – Indianapolis – 2013 Review

Once again we had the pleasure of attending the Days Of The Dead Convention in Indianapolis a few weeks ago.  Three years ago Days Of The Dead was born in this city and since then has expanded into Chicago, Atlanta and LA.  It has became one of our favorite shows to attend.  They always have wonderful guests and there is always fun around each and every corner.

These signs were hanging in the hall of the hotel.  They should have taken them down for Days Of The Dead. I don’t think there was any quiet time all weekend!

My son and I got to the show around 3pm on Friday and checked into the hotel and went to stand in line to get our passes and get ready for the fun to begin!

They were having a Nightmare On Elm St Girl Reunion with Heather Langenkamp, Lisa Wilcox and Tuesday Knight.

Heather signing a picture for a friend

I have met Heather several times before but she is such a sweet lady I can never get enough

Lisa Wilcox didn’t get to the show until Saturday Morning. I was waiting at her table when she got there

Lisa is a sweetheart too!

Of the 3 Nightmare Girls that were at the show, the only one that I hadn’t met before was Tuesday Knight.  I had interviewed her over the phone but never met her face to face.

Tuesday Knight

Days Of The Dead was the very first convention that Jennifer Banko had ever done.  She was in Friday The 13th Part 7, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 3 and Barbwire. She is one of those people that light up a room when she walks in.

She is also a natural in front of the camera as these pictures show.

I love these last two!

John Russo and George Kosana from Night Of The Living Dead were on hand too.  John wrote Return Of The Living Dead so I had to get him on my poster.

George was an awesome guy and insisted that he take a picture with me and my son.

Leslie Easterbrook is a great lady as well.  I interviewed her at Full Moon last year and she always remembers me.  I had to get one of her pictures from her Laverne & Shirley days.

With the wonderful Leslie Easterbrook

Cerina Vincent needs to get some new pictures. I think I now have everyone she has!!

Me and Cerina


Cerina’s Cabin Fever co-star Jordan Ladd was on hand as well. They are two very talented and beautiful women.

Me with Jordan Ladd


One more picture of Cerina!

Cerina, Jordan and Jake Busey

Rochelle Davis was in the film The Crow. I got one of Tattoo Bobs prints of her signed for my girlfriends daugather Diane.

Me and Rochelle

Me and Hanna Hall who was in Rob Zombies Halloween and Forrest Gump as Young Jenny

We have really been enjoying the current season of Holliston on Fearnet.  The star and producer of that show Adam Green was signing all weekend for free.

I had to tell Adam how much I loved his films Frozen and Hatchet.  Can’t wait to see what he does next.


Producer of Phantasm and John Dies At The End –  Don Coscarelli

Tony Todd and Keith David sharing stories.

I loved Kristina Klebe in Rob Zombies Halloween remake.  Met her last year at Fright Night and she said she remembered me.  She was the one star I was looking forward to seeing at Days Of The Dead!

One more picture with Kristina

Rock Super Star Lita Ford


Tattoo Bob giving Linda Blair the picture that he had done for her. She really loved it.

Me with one of my all time favorite actresses of all time Linda Blair

Tattoo Bob with Michelle Legg a super model in the tattooing business talking shop.

Tattoo Bob showing off some of his stuff

Here I am with one of my favorite people Savana Wehunt

Linda Blair, Danny Trejo and Lita Ford


Danny doing an interview

Days Of The Dead promoter Adolfo Dorta giving away prizes at the VIP Party

Jeff Wickedbeard’s Costume Contest

I look forward to seeing what costumes people will be wearing at conventions.  At each Days Of The Dead Jeff Wickedbeard, who is a part of Days’ Monsters Among Us hosts a costume contest. Check out some of this years costumes!  The picture above is of Jeff and his girlfriend Angela as Skelator and Evil Lynn

Jeff getting the contest started

Heather was one of the judges of the costume contest

Heather & Diandra judging the show

Check these awesome costumes out

And the winner is…..Franken Berry!!! This guy really deserved to win!

A few more costumes I saw over the weekend!

Shannon was in two different costumes…..

My buddy Chris and Ash!

Capt. Stab-Tuggo

I have always loved the Circus Sideshow Preformers.  A guy named Capt. Stab-Tuggo was set up in one of the rooms and was putting on shows every so often.  Here are some pictures of his doing his sword swallowing act. I loved it!!


I really do hope that they have him back again.  I would love to see him do more.

The Thing Fest

There was a huge display of stuff from John Carpenter’s film The Thing

All in all Days Of The Dead is first class show.  In three short years they have done what few other conventions have been able to do.  They have expanded to a total of 4 shows a years.  They are very well organized and they have some very cool guests that you don’t see any where else.  The stars that I have included in this review were not all of the stars in attendence.

A big thank you goes out to Adolfo Dorta and Bill Philputt and Re-Evolution Management for putting on a great show that we will attend over and over!!

See you next year, until then remember “We’re not worthy!!!!”