Days Of The Dead Atlanta 2013


My son, Julian and I had the pleasure of attending the second Days Of The Dead Convention in Atlanta Ga last weekend.  Julian was really excited about meeting Kane Hodder and it was good to see him excited about going to a con that wasn’t anime  related.  Now, the first Days Of The Dead was in the Peachtree City area of Atlanta.  This years hotel was in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  It is one of the hosts hotels for Dragon Con so I was glad it was right off the interstate and we had been in the area before as well.

Horror fans waiting in line to get into Days Of The Dead

The Celebrities

Our first table to stop by was Kane Hodder.  I had given him a cool Friday The 13th Part 7 for his birthday last year and he wanted to get it signed by Kane at the show.  Of course Kane suggested that they pose for a picture with him chocking Julian.  As you can see in the picture he is really enjoying it.

He also wanted a “normal” picture with him too.

Kane is a great guy and really seemed pleased that I enjoyed reading his book.  I read it cover to cover in one day!! Yes it is that good.

My girlfriend Christi sent a picture with me she wanted to get autographed.  We watched a movie that Kane was in from Bloody Moon Films called “Old Habits Die Hard” .  In that movie Kane Hodder called actor Jim O’Rear an ass bag.  We cracked up at that line and she wanted him to put that on the picture….

Now it was my turn.  If you know me very well you should know that my all time favorite horror film is “Return Of The Living Dead”.  I saw it several time in the theater in the 80’s and to this day entertains me just as much.  Days Of The Dead featured a ROTLD Reunion.  I have became friends with Beverly Randolph and Linnea Quigley over the past few years and it is always good to see especially when they are with most of the cast.

Linnea and me

With William Stout.  We had a nice talk on Sunday morning about the good ole days.  It is cool to find out some of the people that you admire share a lot of the same memories that you do when it comes to growing up in the 60s and 70s.

The always sweet Beverly Randolph

ImageJohn Philbin and Brian Peck pose for the camera

I had never met Jewel Shepard.  We traveled to El Paso, Tx for a ROTLD reunion in 2011 but Jewel had to cancel but had to cancel due to illness.  It was awesome to finally get to meet her.  She is very sweet and a really funny lady.  I did an interview with her that will be posted here in a few weeks.

ImageClu Gulagar is another cast member that I had never met before.  Not only was he in ROTLD the starred in countless westerns prior to that.

Thom Matthews who also starred in Friday The 13th Part 6

Frankenhooker star Patty Mullen was our next stop.  She is managed by a friend of mine also name James.  It was great to see them both and hang out with them.



James and Patty Mullen hamming it up for my camera

If Patty is at a show you are going to be sure to go to her table.  She is very nice and loves meeting her fans

Another good reunion that Days Of The Dead had was “House Of 1000 Corpses” along with “The Devils Rejects”.  Christ had given me a “Rejects” poster signed by Rob Zombie for Christmas and this was an excellent time to get a lot more signatures on it.  I also brought along a “House Of 1000 Corpses” and got some on it as well.

Bill Mosley was a no brainer on the “Rejects” poster

Tom Towles remembered me from another convention last year.  He asked about Christi and told me to tell her hello.

I had met Danny Trejo a couple of years before.  This man has been in more movies than anyone I know.  He could talk over James Brown’s claim to being the Hardest Working Man In Show Business.

Jennifer Jostyn was Mary in “House Of 1000 Corpses”

Someone else who you don’t see at a lot of conventions is Walter Phelan.  He played Dr Satan in “House Of 1000 Corpses”

It was great to meet Ginger Lynn.  She awesome and a very sweet and down to earth lady.

Leslie Easterbrooks remembered me from our interview last year at Full Moon in Nashville

Leslie putting a quote on my poster


Irwin Keyes from “House Of 1000 Corpses”

I had to get Diamond Dallas Page on my poster

With Sid Haig

Kylie Szymanski who played Penny in the current season of “The Walking Dead” made her very first convention appearence at Days Of  The Dead

Our good friend Melissa Cowan who was in the first season of “The Walking Dead’ was on hand as well

PJ Soles has became a good friend of ours.  She had never met Julian before and asked me to bring him by her table for a picture.

PJ signing a picture for Julian

Me and PJ

Last year the Days Of The Dead Convention in Indy featured a full “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Reunion.  John Dugan, Marilyn Burns and Gunner Hansen returned for Atlanta

With Marilyn Burns

Back in the 70s and 80s I would go to a movie and wonder if Dick Miller was going to be in it, and he usually was.  It was great seeing him again.

My friend Kevin with Dick Miller

Me with TNA Superstar Mickie James


Savana Wehunt from The Walking Dead and her sister

Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster on The Munsters is an awesome guest.  This was my second time meeting him.

I Don’t Like Spiders And Snakes

There was a guy walking around the convention with a huge snake and a big hairy tarantula.  He would let you hold them if you had the guts

It took her a while but Stacey Dixon from the Nashville Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention held the snake and the tarantula.  I think the guy said that the snake was about 60 pounds.

Stacey and her new friend

Julie Anne Prescott, Andie Noir and Stacey Dixon


Stacey over coming her fear of spiders

Elissa Dowling holding the tarantula


Actress Ginger Lynn holding the spider.  She said that she used to own one.

I stayed pretty busy making pictures of friends with these critters

Jeff Wickedbeard and his girlfriend Angela with the snake

Wickedbeard’s Costume Contest

We attended the costume contest on Saturday afternoon.  I got to this event late and had to sit a little ways back in the room so the quality of these might be a little blurry but hopefully you will be able to see some of the hard work that went into the costumes.



Cool makeup

Very nice Ace Frehley costume

Peter Criss

Gene Simmons, I guess Paul Stanley couldn’t make it to the show

My Bloody Valentine

A Mad Doctor

Silent Hill Nurse

And the winner is…..Stan The Zombie

More Costumes

Julie from Return Of The Living Dead Part 3

A trio of Wild West Outlaws Days Of The Dead Style


Jeff Wickedbeard as Jason

There were some outstanding makeup jobs at this years Atlanta show

Thought I was seeing double at first

A cross between She Hulk and a zombie?


Michael Myers

Zombie chick

Our good friend Circus Envy and friends

William Adams aka The Nightmare Man was dressed up as everyones favorite killer Dexter complete with kill room and kill table

You could lie on Dexter’s table and experience what it is like to be one of his victims

Williams wife Diva Of The Dead was made up as The Bride Of Frankenstein on Saturday night

Didn’t get a picture of this guy from the front but the back looked pretty cool

Another Michael Myers fan


As always the vendor room was full of very cool stuff

Chris Ott’s artwork

You could take this Bride home with you for a price

More amazing art

Not sure of this person’s name but they always have a huge display of toys.  Brought back a lot memories.

I had trolls as a kid and so did my kids

My kids favorite toys from the 80’s He-Man

If you needed a poster to get signed at the show you were sure to find it in the vendors room

It’s always great seeing friends at conventions.  You look forward to seeing them more than the celebrities.  Jason and Jennifer are good friends with Christi and me and I was glad they got to come so we could hang out over the weekend.

My good friend James.  We have adopted the name The James Gang!

It seems that each Days Of The Dead Convention gets better and better.  It was really great to kick off the 2013 convention season in Atlanta.  I would like to thank Adolfo Dorta for putting on a first class show that we will never get tired of attending.

There are three more Days Of The Dead Conventions lined up for the coming year.  One in Los Angeles in April, one in Indianapolis in July and one in Chicago in November.

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