Contamination – St. Louis – June 17 – 19, 2016


It has been a couple of years since Dave Dyer has done a Contamination Convention in St Louis.  The show returned this past June and I was invited to attend.

My good friend Dawn is a huge fan of Dirk Benedict and I told her he was going to be at a convention I was going to and that I would get his autograph for her. She said “No you won’t, because I am going with you”. She made arrangements at work to take the Friday of the convention off and a road trip was born!

Dawn is a very talented artist. One of her favorite things to do for her friends is to get a jacket and paint something on the jacket that the person she is painting it for likes. You might have seen the jackets that she made for PJ Soles and myself in my review of the Days Of The Dead Atlanta show.


When she decided to go with me, she started on a jacket featuring an image of Dirk as his character from Battlestar Galactica Lt. Starbuck. I was really looking forward to seeing his reaction when he saw it.


Well, I was correct, he loved the jacket.


He gave her a huge hug, and as you can tell by the look on Dawn’s face that she didn’t mind one little bit.


Of course she asked him to sign the jacket for her and he did.


A couple of pics of Dawn with Starbuck


It was all worth the drive to St. Louis just to see how happy Dawn was finally getting to meet Dirk.


I really thought his tee-shirt was cool.


Dirk wasn’t the only Battlestar Galactica cast member at the show. Also on hand was Ricard Hatch who played Apollo on the show.  He has also been in countless other shows and movies including a favorite of mine, The Jan & Dean Story.


Dawn with Dirk & Richard


With Richard Hatch


Also at the show was the actress who played Sheba on Battlestar, Anne Lockhart. I had met her the previous weekend at The Memphis Filmfest. It was great to get to see her again and talk with her about her mom June and how ironic it was that they both played characters on shows who were “lost in space”.


Dawn with Anne Lockhart


Here is a picture of Dawn with Herbert Jefferson Jr. who played Lt. Boomer on Battlestar Galactica.


Rounding out the Battlestar Galactica Reunion was actor Jack Stauffer who was Lt Bojay on the show. He really liked my Jaws shirt and we talked about the movie for a while. He was really a nice guy!


Dawn and Lt. Bojay


Being a music fan growing up in the 70’s was awesome. There were so many great bands out then. One band that I loved was Angel. They recorded for the same label that Kiss recorded for. Kiss dressed in all black and Angel dressed in all white. I was lucky enough to get to see them on their final tour. Guitarist for Angel, Punky Meadows was a guest at Contamination and it was really cool to get to meet him and talk with him about the “good ole days”. He has a new album out called Fallen Angel and it is pretty good. If you are a fan you need to check it out.


It is always good to see Kayla Perkins at a show. A very beautiful and talented actress from Kentucky.


Dawn and Kayla


Hanging out with Kayla on Saturday


Leslie Easterbrook was a last minute addition to the show. I have interviewed Leslie before and she is the one of the nicest ladies I have ever met.


Not being a huge horror movie fan, Dawn remembered Leslie from her days on Laverne & Shirley.


She always has a huge smile on her face.


Contamination was the last US convention for adult film star Seka. She was very nice as well.


I like the Alien Nation film but I really enjoyed the TV show as well. Gary Graham played Officer Sikes on the show. He also appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise.



Dawn over came a fear at the show and held a live snake. Better her than me. HA!!


Not so sure of this!!


She did it!!!


Another brave lady!


I was disappointed that there was not a lot of cos-play at the show. This girls was very cool.

dsc_1800 dsc_1806

I met the guys from Horrible Horror, a Pod Cast where they discuss bad horror movies. We had a lot to talk about and I did a short interview on their show. Check them out online!


Horrible Horror Podcast


Got to finally meet my FB friend from the St Louis area Deb. We have been friends online for several years and it was good to meet her face to face.

Contamination was a smaller con than we are used to attending but it was a fun weekend.

Thanks to Dave Dyer for having us out at the show. Hope to do it again!!

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