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New audio interview with Danielle Harris posted

danielle harris

Danielle Harris has appeared in many film and tv projects from “One Life To Live” to the “Halloween” films.  She has done voice over work as well as directing the film “Among Friends”.  We first spoke with her several years ago at Scarefest in Lexington, Ky.  We caught up with her again at Blood At The Beach last year and she told us what she has been up to since that first interview.  Hope you enjoy my chat with Danielle Harris.

Click here to listen to our interview with Danielle Harris

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Audio Interview with Viviana Chavez from The Walking Dead posted


Viviana Chavez first got interested in acting while she was in high school after appearing in some school productions.  She fell in love with being on stage and hasn’t stopped since then.  She was cast as Miranda in the first season of the AMC hit show “The Walking Dead”.  Since then she has had parts on “Homeland”, “Bethany” and “It’s Supernatural” as well as several web series.  Viviana was a guest at the Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Fest this past fall.  I was really happy to get the chance to interview her and had a great time with her.  This is one lady that I think we will be seeing a lot more of in the future!

Click here to listen to our interview with Viviana

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Audio interview with Kevin Galbraith posted


Kevin Galbraith never intended to get into acting, but he answered a casting call on Facebook and became a cast member of the hit AMC TV show “The Walking Dead”.  Kevin has appeared in several scenes of the show as one of the walkers.  He was the “swamp zombie” that Carl was throwing rocks at and was also the zombie that killed Dale as well as other scenes.  Kevin was a guest at the Murfreesboro Anime And Comic Convention last month.  We sit down and had a wonderful talk about the show, cast and his plans for the future.  I hope you enjoy my interview with Kevin Galbraith.

Click here to listen to our interview with Kevin Gabraith

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Phantasm Audio Interviews Posted


I love it when horror conventions feature cast reunions from my favorite films.  This past fall, The Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention in Chattanooga, Tn did just that.  Three of the stars of Phantasm, A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister and The Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm, along with director Don Coscarelli were guests at this show.  I asked all four if they would be interested in doing interviews for Monsters From The Basement and they all said yes.  Phantasm was a huge hit when it was released in 1979 and was followed with 3 sequels.  The films have all became cult classics all over the world.  Listen in as I talk with Reggie, Michael, Don and Angus as we talk about Phantasm as well as Don’s new film John Dies At The End.  Hope you enjoy the Phantasm interviews!!

Click here to listen to The Phantasm Interviews

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Check Out Our Audio Interview With Marilyn Burns


Marilyn Burns was an actress living in Texas when she landed the role of Sally in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  After making that film she went on to appear in Helter Skelter, Eaten Alive and Future-Kill.  In 2012, one of the Days Of The Dead Conventions featured a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reunion.  Marilyn was one of the guest at that show and she was nice enough to sit down with me so I could ask her a few questions about her career and her memories of make the cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Sit in with me as I talk with Marilyn Burns.


Click here to listen to Marilyn’s interview


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Audio Interview with Ashley Laurence Posted!


Ashley Laurence has done movies, television, commericals and she is a very talented artist as well. Perhaps she is best know for her role a Kirsty Cotten from the first three Hellraiser films. Ashley was a guest at this years Scarefest in Lexington Ky and I jumped at the chance to interview her. She is a very sweet lady and I totally enjoyed talking with her!!!

 Click here to go to Ashley’s interview page



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Audio Interview With Chris Pezzano Posted

Chris Pezzano

Click here to listen to Chris’ Interview

I first met Chris Pezzano at a small horror convention in my home town of Murfreesboro, Tn a few years ago. He really stood out to me because of his awesome zombie make-up. Since then I have ran into him at just about every convention I have attended. Chis is a huge horror fan and is one of the newest members of Days Of The Dead’s Monsters Among Us Group. Monsters Among Us is a group of horror fans who really enjoy dressing up as different characters at shows. He has also been a member of several metal bands over the years and has toured the United States as well as Europe. He will be appearing in the up coming film “Night Of The Living Dead 2012 as well as a few other projects. Join me as I talk with Chris Pezzano!!

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Audio interview with Adrienne King posted

In 1980 a film called “Friday The 13th” was releashed. Little did anyone involved know at the time that this movie was the start of what was to become one of the most successful horror franchises ever. The lone survivor of that film, Alice was played by Adrienne King. Adrienne was a guest at the recent Blood At The Beach Horror Convention in Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago. I had spoke with her before about doing an interview for Monsters From The Basement and Friday night after the show closed down we found a couple of chairs and sit down and talked for a while. We talked about filming of the movie, her Crystal Lake Wine and what fans her fans can look forward to seeing her in next year. I hope you all enjoy our interview with Adrienne King!!

Click here to go to Adrienne’s interview page 

Photo by Christi Banks

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Audio interviews with Tucky Williams, Abisha Uhl, Katie Stewart and Lauren Virginia Albert from Girl/Girl Scene posted

When the fall season starts to arrive it means several things to me.  It mean the days and nights get cooler, Halloween and it is time for Scarefest.  Scarefest is held in Lexington, Ky each fall.  One of the main reasons I love attending this show so much is because one of my favorite actresses always attends, Tucky Williams.  Tucky is from Kentucky and started out as a meteorologist at a local tv station.  She then appeared in several locally produced independent films and last year started he web series Girl/Girl Scene.  It has become a Scarefest tradition for us to interview her for this website.  For two years stright Tuckys interviews have been some of the most listened to interviews I have done. In fact they have been second only to Elvira.  This year I have a special treat for fans of Girl/Girl Scene.  Not only do I have a new interview with Tucky, but I also have an interview with Katie Stewart, Lauren Virginia Albert and Abisha Uhl who is also the lead singer of the band Sick Of Sarah.  I really hope you all enjoy these interviews as much as I did doing them!!!

Click here to listen to the interviews

Tucky Williams

Abisha Uhl, Katie Stewart and Lauren Virginia Albert

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New audio interview with Lynn Lowry posted

Lynn Lowery’s very first film was the cult classic “I Drink Your Blood”. After that she went on to appear in many other movies including George Romero’s “The Crazies” and David Cronenberg”s “Shivers”. Lynn was in Nashville a couple of weeks ago as a guest at the Nashville Comic And Horror Convention and to attend a special screening of “I Drink Your Blood” at The Cult Fiction Underground Theater and she was nice enough to sit down with me for an interview. We talked about her memories of the early days with George and David as well as what she has going on today. She was a very sweet lady and I was very honored to talk with her. Enjoy my interview with Lynn Lowery.

Click here to listen to our interview with Lynn Lowry

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