Blood At The Beach III – Virginia Beach, Virginia – Pictures and Review


Christi and I attended the Blood At Beach III Horror Convention in Virginia Beach, Virginia and I have to say Al Keisel and crew put on another great show.  The last show was at a beach front hotel and although I missed walking out and hearing the ocean roar it didn’t take away anything away from the celebrities, the vendors and the fun that Blood At The Beach is.  The thing that I really loved about this show was that several of my favorite films were represented very well at the show in the form of reunions. Stars from “Friday The 13th Part 7” and “Devils Rejects” were two that I was really looking forward to seeing.

After we checked into our room I went down to pick up our tickets and scoped out the layout a little.  I like to see where everyone’s table is so I can plan my attack when it comes time to start getting autographs.

Friday The 13th Part 7


I think of all the Friday Part 7 people who were at the show I was most looking forward to meeting was Lar Park Lincoln.  She is just as beautiful as she was back when the film was made.  She is also a very sweet lady and that made it all that much better.


Lar signing a poster for a friend of mine.


Christi getting her first autograph on her poster.


Her table was right next to Kane Hodder’s table and everytime we went by their table the were picking on each other.  Here is a cuple of pics to attest to that fact.



A very nice picture of Lar and Christi



The next table that we visited was William  Butler.  This was the first convention that William had done in ten years.


Here William is holding up a poster done by Chris Ott.



Staci Gleason was the next one on our list.  She was also very sweet. You could tell that the Friday 7 cast were really having a good time at the show!


Staci and Christi


Me and Staci on Saturday


Diana Burrows who played the part of Maddy was also a guest at Blood At The Beach.



Diana and me


Terry Kiser was another guest who doesn’t do a lot of conventions. Terry played Dr Crews in Friday 7 but I guess he is best known as Bernie in the classic film “Weekend At Bernie’s”.  He was visited by fans from both films.


I thought it was cool that he was wearing the same type of glasses that he wore in “Weekend At Bernies”
ImageTerry was super nice and we considered it an honor to meet him.


A “Friday The 13th Part 7 reunion would not be complete without Jason himself, Kane Hodder.  This film was the first time he played the role, but went on to play him several more times.


Everyone has to get choked by Jason at least one time in their life.  Our friend D-Ray was no exception!


Christi and Kane Hodder

The Devils Rejects

After the first time I saw “The Devils Rejects” film, it became one of my all time favorite movies. Rob Zombie really made a classic film when he made this one.  Christi had given me a poster from the movie for Christmas that was signed by Rob Zombie and since then I have been getting as many autographs on it as I could.


The list of movies that William Forsythe has appeared in is a mile long, but my favorite has to be Sheriff Wydell in “The Devil’s Rejects”.

William has been acting since 1978 and he had fans coming up to his table all weekend.

I loved Ken Foree’s role in the movie and it was a no brainer to get him on my poster too.

Shaking the hand of Charlie Altamont from “The Devil’s Rejects”


The “chicken scene” from “The Devils Rejects” is one of the funniest in the film and Michael Berryman was one of the reasons.

Michael Berryman adding his name to my poster.

Christi and Michael Berryman

Blood At The Beach was Dave Sheridan’s very first convention. I hope that he does more because he was a super. He played Officer Roy Dobson in “The Devils Rejects” but he also had parts in “Horrible Bosses” , “Scary Movie” and many more.

I had met Priscilla Barnes several time before but not since I had gotten this poster.  It was a pleasure to see her again.

I loved her part in “The Devils Rejects” as Gloria, but Priscilla is best known for her role as Terri alongside the late John Ritter in the classic sitcom “Three’s Company” and also in the film “Mall Rats”


Tom Towles is an awesome guy. He always has a smile on his face ready to talk. One of my favorite celebs to see at a show.

Lew Temple was in “The Devil’s Rejects” and “The Walking Dead” as well.  Since BATB featured cast members of “The Walking Dead” and “The Devils Rejects”, Lew was very busy all weekend.

Lew and Christi

The Walking Dead 

Here is Lew signing Christ’s “Walking Dead” poster.  I really wish his character got to live on the show. I really enjoyed seeing him on TV.

One of the most popular actors at the show was Michael Rooker.  He starred as Merle in “The Walking Dead”.  Just like Lew, Rooker’s character came to an end in the last season.

Michael Rooker signing a picture for me.

Our friend D-Ray with Michael and a beer that he gave him.

We hadn’t seen Addy Miller in almost a year.  She was the very first zombie that we saw in “The Walking Dead” and her scene was very emotional.

Christi and Addy Miller

Christi and Theodus Crane who appeared as “Tiny”

Our buddy D-Ray and “Tiny”

In the first season of “The Walking Dead” you might remember the scene where Shane beat up Carols husband Ed.  That part was played by Adam Minarovich.

Christi told Adam how much she hated him in that part and how she wanted to join in with Shane beating him up.  Adam gave her the chance at the show!

Another very nice guy was Vincent Ward.  Here he is signing Christi’s “Walking Dead” poster.

Meeting Vincent Ward

Travis Love from “The Walking Dead” with Christi. This guys arms were huge.  Zombies beware!!

More Celebrities

ImageOver the past few years PJ Soles has became a good friend of ours.  It is always a pleasure to see her at a show!

Christi and PJ

PJ said she comes to Monsters From The Basement a lot. That made me feel really good!

Being a big fan of “American Horror Story” I was really looking forward to meeting Naomi Grossman who played “Pepper” in the latest season of the show.


Christi and “Pepper”

My interview with Naomi will be posted here in a couple days

I got a cool “Pepper” poster from Naomi. It looks like one of the old time circus posters. I love it!!

We stopped by the tables of Derek Mears and Tyler Mane.  They were promoting their new film “Compound Fracture”

Tyler and Derek are two of the nicest and tallest guys you will ever meet.

See what I mean about them being tall? They make our friend D-Ray look like a kid!

The beautiful Kim Poirier who was in the Dawn Of The Dead remake signing a picture for me.

Me and Kim

Christi with a fake Pinhead……

Christi with the real Pinhead, Doug Bradley.

A shirt Doug was selling at his table sums it up!

Our friend Paulzilla with Eddie Munster himself, Butch Patrick


Butch Patrick checking out everyone’s favorite monster mag Scary Monsters!

Twiggy Ramirez who plays bass for Marilyn Manson was signing autographs for a short time on Saturday afternoon.

Christi got her daughter a picture signed by Twiggy.


The Crypt Keeper, Mr John Kassir

He should sell these jerserys, I would get one!


It doesn’t take much coaching to get Jonathan Tiersten, from “Sleepaway Camp” to take his shirt off. All Christi had to do was ask. I guess if I looked like that I would take my shirt off too!!


I have said before that I love seeing people dress up at shows.  Some of the detail that goes into the make up and costumes is amazing.  Check these out!


Darth Vader

This girls idea was really cool I thought.

Michael Myers

Another very cool make up

The girls in costume at BATB really set the bar high this time

Texas Chainsaw 2

Our convention friend Scott Suloff

Beetle Juice


I felt like a kid in a candy store walking thru the vendor areas

This guy had some great art for sale. He designed the Michael Rooker BATB poster they were selling.

Check out Big Chris Art

This artist Tracy Lupton.  Great stuff.

Check out his facebook page!!

More of Tracy’s stuff

This was cool. I had never seen the Chucky Living Dead Doll before.

Chris Ott was selling his unique art at the show too.

Check out Chris’ London 1888

See doesn’t it look like a candy store?

You could get a set of custom fangs at the show

Or get a zombie picture drawn

The Lonely Teardrops

The Lonely Teardrops did a pool side concert on Saturday afternoon.  They had a nice little garage type sound to them.  There are just two band members, Katie Teardrops and Crash Laresh, but that didn’t take away from their sound at all!

The Lonely Teardrops on Facebook


Crash. You gotta love a drummer who stands up when he plays.  They were great.

We had another wonderful time at the third Blood At The Beach.  Al Keisel and his staff put on another great convention.  I would like to give him a pat on the back for giving horror fans another outlet to be themself and be surrounded by people just who share the same love of horror movies. There was a very good vibe and atmosphere about the show and that is an important thing to me. We are looking forward to the next one.

I would like to mention that Al is also planning a pop culture convention later in the year at the same hotel that BATB was held.  It is called Culture Shock.  I am really excited to see who attendsthis one as well. Debbie Gibson, Survivor’s Richard Hatch and others have already been added.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Click here to go to the Culture Shock Website.

We hope to return to both BATB and CS as well.