Audio interviews with Tucky Williams, Abisha Uhl, Katie Stewart and Lauren Virginia Albert from Girl/Girl Scene posted

When the fall season starts to arrive it means several things to me.  It mean the days and nights get cooler, Halloween and it is time for Scarefest.  Scarefest is held in Lexington, Ky each fall.  One of the main reasons I love attending this show so much is because one of my favorite actresses always attends, Tucky Williams.  Tucky is from Kentucky and started out as a meteorologist at a local tv station.  She then appeared in several locally produced independent films and last year started he web series Girl/Girl Scene.  It has become a Scarefest tradition for us to interview her for this website.  For two years stright Tuckys interviews have been some of the most listened to interviews I have done. In fact they have been second only to Elvira.  This year I have a special treat for fans of Girl/Girl Scene.  Not only do I have a new interview with Tucky, but I also have an interview with Katie Stewart, Lauren Virginia Albert and Abisha Uhl who is also the lead singer of the band Sick Of Sarah.  I really hope you all enjoy these interviews as much as I did doing them!!!

Click here to listen to the interviews

Tucky Williams

Abisha Uhl, Katie Stewart and Lauren Virginia Albert

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