Fright Night Film Fest Pictures and Recap


For the third year in a row, we recently made the trip to the town of Louisville Ky to attend The Fright Night Film Fest / Fandom Fest.  This is a show that we always look forward to because of the awesome guest list.  Once again there were so many guests that there was not way we could hit up everyone for autographs but we got the ones that we came for none the less.

This year the show was held at the beautiful Galt House Hotel in Downtown Louisville.  The hotel wasn’t hard to find at all and after we arrived early Friday afternoon we checked into the hotel and made our down to pick up our passes and start having fun.  The Galt House was a huge improvement over the hotel the show was held at last year.  There was plenty of space and several rooms packed with stars, movie directors and produces and vendors.

One of the most popular shows on TV today is The Walking Dead.  Over the past years Christi and I have met a lot of the cast.  Fright Night had a few cast members that we hadn’t met yet, Jeffery Demunn who played Dale, and Irone Singleton who plays T Dog.

Jeffery was one of the nicest stars we have ever met. He answered a lot of our questions about The Walking Dead and working with Tom Hanks on The Green Mile.








Irone was just as nice and remembered Christi’s messages to him on Facebook.

 Also on hand from The Walking Dead was fan favorite Norman Reedus.  Christi’s daughter Diane is a huge fan of his and she loved seeing him again.












Ask me anytime who my favorite horror hosts are and I will say the hosts of Midnight Mausoleum, Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves.  This is their third year in a row at Fright Night as well and it was at this show that I first met the girls.  It is aways great seeing them and the shows producer Blake Powell.

Kane Hodder who starred as Jason in several of the Friday The 13th movies does a lot of shows and Fright Night was the second time we had seen him this year.

He is a great guy and also donated a couple of pictures to our fund raiser for Diva Of The Dead.


Christi in a Monster Sandwich between Kane Hodder and Steve Napp.


Diane getting attacked by Kane Hodder!!


One movie of Sean Patrick Flannery’s that I hadn’t seen until this year was Powder.  If you have seen it I am sure that you liked it as much as I did.  Although not really a horror film it is a great story.  I brought along a poster from the film to get him to sign.

I was very excited about meeting Judie Aronson and Suzanne Snyder from Weird Science.  They were both very awesome ladies.

Me and Suzanne.

Me and Judie.

Judie signing my Friday The 13th poster.

I couldn’t resist getting a picture with both of them together.

Christi with Suzanne and Judie along with Veron Wells.

Caroline Williams was a guest as well.  She was in Part 2 of  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  She also appeared in one of Rob Zombies Halloween remake and I got her to sign my Halloween 30 Years Of Terror poster.

One of the most popular actors from the 1980’s had to be Corey Feldman.  His pictures were plastered all over young girls rooms across the world.  I had met Corey before but Christi or Diane never had.  They were really looking forward to meeting him at Fright Night.

Christi getting a hug from Corey Feldman.

Kristina Klebe was a guest at the Gatlinburg Horror Weekend last year but for some reason I didn’t get a chance to meet her.  I had to get her to sign my 30 Years Of Terror poster as well.  She is a very nice looking lady with a personality to match.

Kristina signing Christi’s Halloween poster.

RJ Haddy from Season 2 of the SyFy Channel’s Face Off.

Christi and Charlie O’Connell from Sliders and 2 Headed Shark Attack.

Diane with Sid Haig.

I am a huge fan of Tucky Williams and her web series Girl/Girl Scene.  One of her co-stars Katie Stewart was on hand and I had to stop by her table and let her know how much I enjoyed her on the show.

Another cool signature we got on our 30 Years Of Terror poster was Tommy Lee Wallace from the first Halloween movie.



Robert Rusler from Weird Science and Nightmare On Elm St 2 was a guest and both Christi and Diane really enjoyed meeting him.


Me with the star of the 1980’s movie Valley Girl Deborah Foreman

There were tons of vendors on hand selling posters, masks, movie and just about anything else the die hard horror fan could ask for.


Since I just had one VIP pass I didn’t want to go to the VIP party and leave Christi and Diane out so I opted out of the party.  We had just as much fun hanging out at the bar area and talking to friends old and new.

This guys shirt said it all!!!

Robyn Graves showing off her hula hook skills.

Christi and Diane with Kevin Galbreath, the zombie that killed Dale on The Walking Dead.

Diane with Sean Clark, talent agent and horror historian.

Once again this year we had a great time at the Fright Night Film Fest.  Like I said there was no way we could get around and get to meet all the stars attending,  there were so many.  Seems each year Fright Night gets a little better and a little bigger.  I would like to say thank you to Ken Daniels, Myra Daniels and Melissa Majors for putting on such a great show and making Monsters From The Basement feel right at home.  We will be back next year for sure.

Thanks to Christi for her assistance in taking pictures.

See you next year in Louisville!!

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