Contamination Horror Convention photos and recap

Monsters From The Basement attended the recent Contamination 3D horror convention a few weeks ago in St Louis, Missouri.  It was a smaller scale convention, but we still had a great time.

St. Louis

I had attended the first Contamination convention two years ago and I was really excited to attend this one as well.

The Contamination Family

What I was excited about the most was finally getting to meet two stars from one of my all time favorite tv shows from the 1960’s The Munsters.  Butch Patrick who play Eddie Munster and Pat Priest who play Marilyn Munster were two of the guests at the show this year.

Me with Butch Patrick

Me and Pat Priest

Butch Patrick and Pat Priest

There was also a guy at the show who had built a replica of The Munsters Koach and he brought the car with him.

The Munsters Koach

The Munsters Go Kart

He also had a Munsters Go Kart as well.

I conducted an interview with Butch and Pat to be posted here at Monsters From The Basement very soon.

The one and only Peter Mayhew who starred as Chewbacca in Star Wars was a very popular guest at the show.  He was at Dragon Con last year but I didn’t get the chance to meet him then.  I didn’t want to miss the chance this time!

Me with Pete Mayhew

Veronon Wells was also a guest at the show.  I am sure you remember his first feature film role in the Mel Gibson film Mad Max 2.  He was at show promoting his latest movie No Where Else.

Vernon G. Wells

Ron Jeremy who appeared in countless adult fims and several main stream films as well was also on hand to greet his fans and he had many stopping by his table.

Me and Ron Jeremy

Kane Hodder recently had a book published on his life. Michael Aloisi who wrote the book was also a guest at the show. He was selling the book and I picked one up for Christi and had Michael sign it for her.

Mike Aloisi writer of “Unmasked”

“Unmasked” by Michael Aloisi

If you are a fan of Kane’s you might want to check out the book.  It is very well written and a great read!

The thing that I enjoy most about horror conventions is meeting people. My girlfriend and I met through horror conventions.  I have met so many new friends in the past few years and I always look forward to seeing them at each show.  Some of the stars, vendors and fans are all friends of mine and it is always great to see them.

Artist Dick Starr and his girlfriend

Ben and Stacey Dixon from Nashville were at the show.  I consider them both good friends and it is always cool to hang out with them and catch up on what’s going on.

Me and my buddy Stacey D

No convention is complete without Joel Robinson.  He is an awesome artist and a good party bud.

Artist Joel Robinson

Joel’s banner at his booth

Hanging out with Joel and Stacey on Friday night

Great vendors

View of the convention room

Stacey Dixon at Joel Robinsons booth

The guy in the bath robe needs to change soaps

A horror fan in costume

We had a great time at Contamination this year and we are looking forward to going back next year.  A big thanks goes out to Dave Dyer who made us feel right at home all weekend!!


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