Blood On The Beach Photos And Recap

Blood On The Beach

Two weeks ago Monsters From The Basement had the pleasure of attending the first Blood On The Beach Convention in Virginia Beach, Va.  If you wanted to go to this show and didn’t you missed a good one.  I am always hoping that when a new convention pops up that they will do good and this one was spot on.  They had a over 40 guests and it was very successful in my opinion.

31 foot tall statue of Neptune on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, Va

The fans started to line up for tickets on Friday afternoon even before the show started.  That is a very good sign for what to expect for the weekend.  The only complaint that I had about the show was the fact that the room that the celebrities were in got very crowded and it was hard to get around.  They took care of some of this on Sunday when they moved The Boondock Saints and Danielle Harris into a seperate room.  But all in all I think the promoters hit a home run with this first time show.

Horror fans waiting in line to get into Blood On The Beach

Like I said earlier there were over 40 guests at this show.  They offered a little bit of something for everyone.  It was impossible to get something from every star that was there but we managed to meet a lot of them.

There was a Boondock Saints reunion that featured Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery and David Della Rocco.  They seemed to be the most popular guest all weekend.  At one point on Saturday their line went out the door, down the hall and outside around the swimming pool area.  The line moved quickly but if you wanted to meet them you had about an hour wait.  This usually seperates the true fans from the casual ones.

Norman's banner

Sean Patrick Flannery with Dakota

Christi’s nephew Dakota is a huge fan of the Boondock Saints and really enjoyed meeting the guys.

Me and Sean

I had met Sean before but had never gotten a good picture of him so I was glad I got the chance to get one at Blood On The Beach

Christi getting her stuff signed by Sean

Christi and Sean Patrick Flannery

Me with David Della Rocco

This was my first time meeting David And I took The opportunity to make my Boondock Saints collection complete with his autograph

Diane giving Norman Reedus a kiss on the cheek

Chisti’s oldest girl is a huge fan of Norman’s and stood in line with Christi to meet her hero

Erin with Norman

When we went out Sunday morning Diane wanted to get the three guys something from Starbucks to wake them up.  We brought them back coffee.

Sean with his empty Starbucks cup

We asked Sean if he enjoyed his coffee and he replied with “This? Naaaaaa” as he held up the empty cup

Sean cutting up with us. He is a very funny guy!

 One of my favorite movies from the 80’s was Sleepaway Camp.  Two of the stars of that movie, Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tierten were on hand as well. I interviewed both of them for this website and will be posting the interview soon

Jonathan and Felissa

Felissa and Me

Christi and Jonathan

Felissa signing my Sleepaway Camp Poster

Jonathan was having so much fun he took his shirt off!!!

Usually at a convention when they have a film reunion they might have two or three cast members, but for The Lost Boys reunion they had 5 cast members in attendence.  Edward Herrmann, Brooke McCarter, Billy Wirth, Jamison Newlander along with G Tom Mac who sang the song in the film Cry Little Sister.

Edward Herrmann

Christi And Edward Herrmann

Christi with Brooke McCarter

G Tom Mac, Me and Jamison Newlander

Billy Wirth

Billy and Me

Christi with Billy

 Since I started this website I have had the honor of interviewing some of my favorite horror stars.  One of my all time favorite interviews was with Tiffany Shepis.  She was a guest at Blood On The Beach.  Christi was meeting her for the first time and agreed with me that she is one of the nicest actresses you will ever meet.

Tiffany signing my Psycho Street poster

Christi really enjoyed meeting Tiffany

With Tiffany Shepis

 I was really looking forward to meet Cleve Hall and his ex-wife who appear in the SyFy Networks show “Monster Man”.  Cleve does special effects and makeup for movies the old fashioned way, by hand.  None of that CGI crap for him.  It was a real honor to meet these two!

Christi with Clieve and Constance

Me and Clieve and Constance

 Other than The Boondock Saints we were really excited about meeting Danielle Harris from the Halloween movies.  She was very sweet and nice.  I had met he several times before but it was Christi’s first time meeting her.  We got her to sign out 30 Years Of Terror posters.

Erin with Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris

Me with Danielle

Danielle Harris

Christi with Danielle

Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn were on hand showing their film “The Victim”

With Jennifer Blanc

If you haven’t seen “The Victim” yet you need to. It is a great film!!

Christi with Michael Biehn

Kristin Baker from the second “Friday The 13th” movie was also a guest at the show.

Kristin Baker signing my Friday The 13th poster

Me with Kristin from Friday The 13th

Kristin signing a poster for our friend Jason

Christi with Kristin

What horror convention would be complete without a zombie from a George Romero film?  Leonard Lies from “Dawn Of The Dead” was busy hitting people in the head with his machete!!

I have a slight headache!!

Never seen anyone enjoy a knife to the head so much!!

Christi and Joel Robinson

Our favorite horror artist Joel Robinson was one of the vendors at the show.

Me and our friend Joel Robinson

Check Joel out at

Another very popular guest was Michael Rooker.  He has been in many movies over the years but the role he is riding high on now is Merle in The Walking Dead.  We had several items to get signed by him at the show.  He is a very cool guy with a great sense of humor!

Michael and Christi

Michael signing a Walking Dead poster

Me with Michael

It was great meeting Barbra Nedeljakova from the “Hostel” movies and “Strippers And Werewolfs”

Barbra and Me

Christi with Paul Phillips from Puddle Of Mud

Puddle Of Mud guitarist Paul Phillips was making his first convention Blood On The Beach.  He stopped and posed for pictures with us Saturday night.

Paul Phillips

I always like to support indie film makers.  I met Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster at the show.  Matt is the director and Diane stars in “The Orphan Killer”.  I got a copy of the movie at the show and loved it. I interviewed both of them for Monsters From The Basement and the interview will be posted very soon.  Check out this awesome flick!!

Matt and Diane

Me and the star of The Orphan Killer Diane Foster

I had met Debbie Rochon at the Full Moon Horror Convention several years ago and since I started the website I always wanted to interview her.  That wish came true at Blood On The Beach.  Debbie was amazing and super nice.  She is one of those stars that never disapoints.  Look for her interview soon as well!!

Debbie Rochon

Me and Debbie

Christi getting close to Alice Creepers snake

Alice Cooper tribute band Alice Creeper played at the VIP party on Friday night.  We didn’t attend the party but heard that they were very good.

Alice Creeper's Blood Mobile

William Forsythe signing my Halloween poster

Me and William

Christi and Mr Forsythe

Veron Wells from Mad Max 2

Horror host Karlos Borloff was at the show on Saturday

Karlos Borloff

Now you know that the stars are only part of the fun at a horror convention.  Here are some of the cool fans who came in costume to the show.

A big scary chicken

Now this is really scary

Great zombie make-up

Another good make-up

Christi with a devilish family

Yes even The Grimm Reaper was at Blood On The Beach

Ouch...I bet that hurts

This guy looks like he should be hanging out with the two girls in the picture above

Human Centipede dolls

Zombie house shoes

Joel Robinson at his booth

Cool masks

A mummy baby

Half gator half human????

Pictures of many horror stars

As you can see Blood On The Beach had something for everyone into horror.  For a first time convention I think the folks at Blood On The Beach did an awesome job.  I have to tip my hat to them and hope they do it again next year.  They had a guest list to die for.  The stars that we have here in this review is just a sample of the guests.  I only wish that we could have got pictures and autographs from everyone.

A big thank you goes out to the staff of Blood On The Beach and to convention organizer Al Keisel aka Dark Shutter for making Monsters From The Basement feel right at home in Virginia Beach.  We will be back next year and I hope to see you there as well!!!

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