Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention – Nashville Tn – Recap

Full Moon 2012 Poster

People waiting in line to get tickets to Full Moon

The very first horror convention that I ever attended was the Full Moon Tattoo And Horror Convention that is held each spring in Nashville Tn. I look forward to this show each and every year. My friends Ben and Stacey Dixon are the organizers of the show and they do a top notch job each and ever year.

Christi and Stacey Dixon

One thing I really liked about this years Full Moon Convention was the fact that this year it was held at the Nashville Convention Center in the heart of downtown Nashville.  The convention was in on huge area.  I have to say I really like it when conventions are like this and not in several different rooms at a hotel.  I think a lot of conventions should look at this and move toward this type of setup!

Downtown Nashville

The Celebrities at Full Moon

There were several stars that we were really looking forward to meeting.

The first one was Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead” and “The Boondock Saints”.  He was very nice and very personable.  I really enjoyed meeting him.

Me and Norman Reedus

Christi getting Norman's autograph for her daugther

Christi with Norman Reedus

Norman talking on the phone

One of the most popular cable tv show has to be HBO’s “True Blood”.  Kristin Bauer stars as Pam in that show and she was another one of the guests that we were really wanting to meet.  She is just as pretty as she is on the show and one of the most popular guests at the show.

Christi and Kristin Bauer

Kristin signing a picture for me

Me with Pam from "True Blood"

Another really popular star that was at Full Moon was Kane Hodder.  He was Jason in several of the “Friday The 13th” films.  Kane is a regular guest at Full Moon.

Christi and Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder

Another actor who appeared as Jason was Richard Brooker.  He appeared in the third installment of the “Friday The 13th” series.  He is the first Jason that wore the famous hockey mask in Part 3.  He had some very cool Jason masks for sale at the show.

Christi with Richard "Jason" Brooker

There were three Jasons total at the show.  Ted White was the third.

Christi with Ted White

 Not only were there stars from “Friday The 13th”,  there were also stars from the “Halloween” movies as well.

Brad Loree who played Michael Myers in “Halloween Resurrection” make his first visit to The Music City for the Full Moon Show.

Christi and Brad

Brad Loree waking up on Sunday morning with a cup of Java!!

Getting attacked by Michael Myers!!

Like Brad, George Wilbur is also a stunt man who has played Michael Meyers in a Halloween film.  George appeared in “The Return Of Michael Myers”

George Wilbur, Me and Brad Loree

Me and Leslie Easterbrook

Leslie Easterbrook has been in countless movies over the years.  One of her recent roles was that of Mother Firefly in Rob Zombie’s “Devils Rejects”.  I was really excited about meeting her and conducted an interview with her for this website that will be posted very soon.

Leslie Easterbrook with Christi

Leslie Easterbrook from Rob Zombies "Devils Rejects"

In addition to Norman Reedus, there were several other memebers of “The Walking Dead” cast on hand.  One was Madison Lintz who had one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the shows second season as Sophie.

Christi and Madison Lintz

Madison and her mom Kelly Lintz

Madison’s mom Kelly Lintz is an actress as well and appears in the recent movie “The Hunger Games”

Rodney Hall and Mike Koske who were featured on “The Walking Dead” as Walkers were also guests at Full Moon

Mike Koske, Me and Rodney Hall

One of the first horror movies that really got to me was “I Spit On Your Grave”.  Camille Keaton was the female lead in the film.  If you have seen it you will know what part got to me.

With Camille Keaton

Robert Carradine was at the show too.  One of the most popular movies he was in has to be “Revenge Of The Nerds”.  He was at Fright Night last year but I didn’t get a chance to meet him so I was glad he was at Full Moon

Me and Robert Carradine

 Here is a picture of our friends Josh and Angie with Tony Todd.  Tony has been acting for many years an was in the movie “Night Of The Living Dead”

Christi with Jerry

Christi and Me with Circus Envy

Easter "Candy"

Christi and Argos T. Fleam

 After Hours

When the convention shuts down, the parties begin.  Full Moon offered a huge amount of after hours enterainment for people

There was a burlesque show at the venue that attracted a big crowd

Lady in red

Belly Dancer

This girl was really good

My back still hurts from watching this

Pole dancer

It takes a great amount of skill to do this

We ran into Frank Fritz from the tv show “American Pickers” walking around the show on Saturday night.  We chased him down and got a couple pictures with him.

Christi and Frank from "American Pickers"

Generation Landslide

 One thing that I was really looking forward to seeing was Ben Dixon’s band from the 80’s Generation Landslide play at BB King’s Blues Club. I never got to see them back in the day. We headed down to the club and watched as Ben and company rocked the house.

Gene Hadley

Ben Dixon

Generation Landslide rocking BB Kings

Tony Frost

Ben Dixon

Gene Hadley


I have said it before but I love seeing people dress up at horror conventions as their favorite horror character or one that they made up themselfs.  Here are a few pics of the fans at Full Moon..

Our friend Jason with Caitlin Cadaver

Zombie Elvira

Tallest guy at the show

This lady had the best zombie make up I have seen in a while

Chris Pezzano and Christi

Mara Queen Of The Macabre

This guy was a little creepy!!

Fresh Bar-B-Q

Our friend Jennifer was checking to see if this guys beard was real or not!!!


There were close to 100 tattoo artists at the show who were all busy doing tattoos all weekend.  Here are a couple pictures of my friend Kevin getting a Vincent Price tattoo.

Does it hurt?

Finished product

As you can tell by the picture below Christi and her “friend” were having a great time at Full Moon

Look behind you Christi!!!

 This was the 11th year of the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention and from the looks of things this show shows no sign of slowing down.  Top notch guests along with a great venue and great fans all add up to a fun weekend.  I will be attending the Full Moon Show as long as they put it on.  It is good having a convention in my back yard that I don’t have to travel a long distance to.

I would like to say a big thanks to Ben and Stacey Dixon for putting on one of the south’s best horror conventions.  Looking forward to next years show!!!

Also a big thanks to Christi for taking great pictures.

We will see you soon!!!

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