Mad Monster Party Review And Recap!!!

Mad Monster Party

Two weeks ago Monsters From The Basement attended North Carolina’s very first horror convention, The Mad Monster Party.  The show was organized by Joe Moe.  Joe was a member of the Bat Pack that took care of Forrest J Ackerman (Famous Monsters Magazine) the last years of his life.

Charlotte NC

Christi lives about an hour from Charlotte so we decided to drive home each night after the convention instead of staying at the hotel.  The hotel was very nice and offered plenty of room for the show.  The Blake Hotel had a kind of a Outlook Hotel (The Shining) feel to it on the inside.

The Blake Hotel

 The only complaint I had about the whole weekend was that the people giving out the passes to the convention on the first night were a bit unorganized and confused about what they were doing.  We stood in line for 45 minutes to get our passes at 5 pm only to find out that they were only giving out the VIP passes at 5 and we couldn’t get ours until 6pm when the doors to the show opened.  But we didn’t let that one little glitch spoil our fun.  If every convention went as smoothly as Mad Monster did I would be very happy.

Patty Mullen

At each convention there is always someone that you are really looking forward to meeting.  This show offered a wide range of stars to meet and talk to,  many were making their first convention appearence. 

Patty Mullen was the one star that I was really looking forward to meeting at this show.  Patty was in one of my very favorite horror/comedy films “Frankenhooker”.  If you have never seen the film it is about a guy who’s girlfriend gets chopped up by a lawn mower and he saves her head and gets body parts from hookers to put her back together.  Patty was so very sweet to her fans.  I think she is one of the nicest coolest people I have ever met.

Patty Mullen signing some posters and pictures.

Patty Mullen

Another shot of Patty Mullen

 It seemed liked she really enjoyed meeting her fans at Mad Monster Party.  She even left our friend James a message on his voice mail.

Patty Mullen on the phone

Me and Patty

 The coolest part of the weekend was when Patty got into her Frankenhooker makeup and posed for pictures with her fans.  This was a dream come true for me.

Just call me Jersery Boy

Me and Christi with Patty Mullen in her Frankenhooker makeup

Want a date? Got some money? Want some action?

Patty agreed to talk with me for an interview with Monsters From The Basement.  She was very kind and very funny.  Could have sit and talked to her for hours.

This is Frankenhooker and you have just entered Monsters From The Basement!

Interviewing Patty

Patty Mullen

Patty Mullen star of Frankenhooker

Patty with her Monsters From The Basement shirt!

 Craig Sheffer and Anne Bobby

Christi was really looking forward to meeting Craig Sheffer who was in one of her favorite films “Fire With Fire”.  He also was in Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed” along with Anne Bobby.  This was both of their first convention appearences as well.

Christi with Craig Sheffer

Christi with Craig again

Me and Anne Bobby

Anne was really excited that I had brought a “Nightbreed” poster for them to sign.  She said she had the same poster hanging in her home.

Craig Sheffer signing my "Nightbreed" poster

Me with Craig Sheffer and Anne Bobby from "Nightbreed:

 I also did an interview with Anne for Monsters From The Basement as well

Talking with Anne Bobby

Anne Bobby

Anne Bobby was a delight to interview

 The Rest Of The Guests….

Mad Monster offered a little bit of something for everyone attending the show

Brad Dourif has been countless films including “One Flew Over The Cokooos Nest” and Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remakes.

Christi and Brad

Brad Dourif

Brad talking with a fan

 Christi and I both are huge fans of the movie “Fright Night”.  Two stars from that film were at Mad Monster, Chris Sarandon and Stephen Geoffreys.  We had watched the movie the night before just to prime ourselfs for meeting these two crowd favorites.

Chris at his table signing

Chris really liked Christi's Fright Night Shirt

Me and Chris

Chris was also the voice of Jack Skellington in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Diane and "Evil Ed"

One of my very favorite actresses was also a guest at Mad Monster Party, Linda Blair.  This was the 5th time that I had met her.  She is such a sweetheart!

Christi and me with Linda Blair

It was very cool to meet Darth Vader himself David Prowse

Christi and David Prowse

Rutger Hauer was on hand meeting fans.  All the money he made went toward his “Starfish” charity which helps in AIDS research.

Christi with "The Hitcher"

Our good friends Jason and Jennifer with Rutger Hauer along with their "baby"

I really enjoyed meeting Traci Lords

Me with Mary Woronov from Rock And Roll High School and Death Race 2000

 William Katt was in “Carrie” and “House” as well as the very popular TV series “The Greatest American Hero”

William Katt

William with Christi

Jennifer with William Katt

Me with The Greatest American Hero William Katt

 Chandler Riggs who plays Carl on “The Walking Dead” was at the show too.

Don't tell me I have to stay in the hotel!!!

Christi and Diane with Chandler Riggs

 Rodney Hall, zombie from “The Walking Dead”

Rodney Hall wearing a mask from Cap's Works

Addy Miller

Addy Miller was the first zombie that Rick Grimes shot on “The Walking Dead”.  She is such a sweet girl.

Addy with "The Baby"

Christi and Addy Miller

Addy took part in a makeup demonstration and was made up to look like she had aged many years!!

Addy Miller

Christi with aged Addy

Forry Tribute

We attended the tribute to the late great Forrest J Ackermn on Saturday

Joe Moe at Forrest J Ackerman Tribute

 I really loved this tribute to Forry.  Hope they do it again next year.

Christi and Joe Turkel from “The Shining”

 I am sure Joe Turkel felt right at home at The Blake Hotel.  It reminded me of the Outlook Hotel in “The Shining”

Bill Mosley

No horror convention would seem complete without Bill Mosley from “Devils Rejects” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”

Bill Mosley talking with a fan

Christi with Tony Todd

One of the nicest horror stars you will ever meet is Dee Wallace from “The Fog” and “Cujo”

Me with Dee Wallace

Christi and Dee Wallace

Dee signing my Cujo poster

Dee Wallace talking with Diane

 Being a huge music fan as well as a horror fan I love it when they book rock stars at the horror conventions.  Marky Ramone was at Mad Monster Party and it was awesome meeting him for the very first time.

Mr Ramone

Christi and Marky Ramone

Me and Marky Ramone

Marky doing Lon Chaney as The Phantom Of The Opera

Meeting Ace Frehley was pretty cool as well!!

Richard Moll

 William Katt’s costar in the film “House” was a guest too.  Richard Moll who also starred in the tv show “Night Court” as Bull!

“The Creature From The Black Lagoon” is my favorite classic Universal monster.  Meet Rico Browning who wore the Creature suit was quite an honor.

With Rico Browning

Christi with James Hong

We had  no idea that James Hong from “Big Trouble In Little China” was the guy on “Seinfield” in the “Seinfield – 4” episode!

Diane and Alex Vincent from "Childs Play"

Camden Toy and Christi

I had never met Camden Toy before but Christi.  I found him to be a very nice guy with a cool sense of humor as you can tell in these pictures.


Nivek and Christi's daugther Erin - Nivek's biggest fan

We have made friends with a few celebs along the way.  Nivek Ogre from Skinny Puppy and PJ Soles are two of those.

Erin, Nivek, Christi and Diane

Christi and me with PJ Soles

It was also an honor to finally meet Angus Scrimm.  I have been a “Phantasm” fan for years.

With Angus Scrimm


One thing that really impressed me was the restored Christine car from Stephen Kings “Christine” movie


Christine and Christina


Christi is sitting in a very dangerous spot

We had a great time at The Mad Monster Party.  It will be on the list of my favorite convention experiences so far this year.  The guests were all very nice and kind.  The staff were also very nice.  Lots of time conventions don’t live up to all the hype that is promised.  I know that is hard to do sometimes but Joe Moe and crew sure pulled it off with this one.  Mad Monster Party is one show we will retun to for sure.

Thanks Joe for bringing horror to North Carolinia.  See you next year!!!

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