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Check out my interviews with Robert Logue and Bob Slendorn from Logue’s Black Raven Emporium & Cult Fiction Underground in Nashville, Tn

I met Robert Logue and Robert Slendorn by attending some of the major horror conventions in the Tennessee and Kentucky area.  In December of 2011 Robert Logue opened up Logue’s Black Raven Emporium in East Nashville, a store that carries vintage clothing, horror t shirts, books on just about every subject you can think of, DVDs and a wide variety of horror merchandise.  One cool thing about the store is that in March they are going to open up the downstairs area which has been transfered into Cult Fiction Underground, a small movie theater that will show rare horror and exploitation films.  I went to Nashville last week and talked to Robert and Bob about what is going to be going on at the store when everything gets into full swing.  I am looking forward to seeing some cool films there.  If you live in the Nashville area or if you are planning a trip to Nashville be sure to check out the store at the corner of Trinity Lane and Gallatin Road in East Nashville.  I hope you enjoy my interviews with Robert and Bob.

Click here to listen to my interviews with Robert & Bob 

Here are a few pictures of what Robert and Bob have to offer at Logue’s Black Raven Emporium and Cult Fiction Underground!!


Pictures From The Cult Fiction Underground

The bar area


I am jealous of this poster!!!

 Be sure to check out Logue’s Raven Emporium and The Cult Fiction Underground in East Nashville at the corner of Trinity Lane and Gallatin Road!!!

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