Return Of The Living Dead podcast posted!!!!

My very favorite horror film of all time is Return Of The Living Dead.  The film takes horror and humor and takes the viewer on a ride seldom found in any other movie.  Also all the cast members come together and each piece fits like a jigsaw puzzle.  I was lucky enough to talk with several members of the cast and crew over the past couple of months for this very special podcast.  Linnea Quigley and Beverly Randloph were guests at the Scarefest in Lexington Ky last month.  I interviewed them that weekend.  The rest of the interviews with producition designer William Stout, Brian Peck, Alan Trautman and John Philbin were done at Frank N Con in El Paso TX.  While at this convention I also spoke with Dianah Cancer who is the lead singer of 45 Grave.  Their song Do You Want To Party from the film has became the rock and roll horror anthem.  This show also features Mike Perez who was involved with the new More Brains documentary on Return Of The Living Dead. Please join me as I talk with the stars from this amazing movie!!

Click here to listen to my interviews with Return Of The Living Dead cast and crew

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