Jennifer Blanc and Michael Beihn Audio Interview Posted

Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn have been acting for many years.   Jennifer starred in the series “Hull High” and many other tv shows including CSI.   She is perhaps best know for her role as Kendra in the tv series “Dark Angel.”  Michael appearred in “The Terminator”, “The Abyss” and “Aliens”, all for producer James Cameron.  The two of them recently teamed up and produced the film “The Victim” which is getting rave reviews where ever it plays.  They both star in the film along with Danielle Harris.  And they both produced and directed it.  They were guests at the Fright Night Film Fest and they agreed to sit down and talk to me about their careers and “The Victim.”  They are also going to be at The Scarefest in Lexington, KY the weekend of Sept 23-25 showing “The Victim” and meeting fans.  I hope you enjoy this interview with Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn.

Click here to listen to Jennifer and Michael’s interview!

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