Monster Bash

Monsters From The Basement went to Butler, Pa over the weekend and attended the Monster Bash.  This convention has been going on for many years.  It is dedicated to the old classic films and this sets it apart from other horror conventions. There several stars attending along with tons of vendors selling lots of dvds, models, posters, pictures and much more.  I picked up some cool wooden coasters that had picture of horror stars on them and a few dvds of out of print films and a very cool Vampira model kit.

There were several horror host on hand including Count Gore de Vol,  Mr Lobo and Monsters From The Basement’s favorite witch, Penny Dreadful.  I got a very nice interview with The Count and a short catch up interview with Penny asking her about what was going on with her show since the last time we talked.

Other horror host included The Son Of Ghoul and legend John Stanley.

The guests that made me decide to come to The Monster Bash were two actresses that I have been crazy about.  The First was Caroline Munro,  she was at Wonderfest this year but that convention fell on the same weekend as the Full Moon Convention in Nashville, so I couldn’t make it.  She was nice enough to sit down with me a give me a nice Monsters From The Basement interview.

As you can see she is as beautiful as ever and I was such a fan boy while I was sitting at her table talking with her.  This British lady melted my heart when I saw “The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad” for the very first time.

And speaking of melting hearts,  straight from “Gilligan’s Island”, the lovely Dawn “Mary Ann” Wells was on hand greeting fans and signing autographs.  I conducted an interview with her as well and we talking about the show, what she has been doing since then and her new book,  “Ask Mary Ann.”  Be looking for both of those interviews in the coming weeks.

I has spoken with Brian Van Camp and Donna Williams from “The Dead Matter” at Full Moon and this weekend I talked with the director of this awesome film Edward Douglas.  Brian and Donna’s interview will be combined with Edward’s interview into one segment.

I got an interview with Kyra Schon from the “Night Of The Living Dead” as well.  Kyra played the little girl in the film,  Karen Cooper.

There were plenty of displays and costumes lurking in the halls of the Days Inn Conference Center all weekend.

I have heard for years how good The Monster Bash is and now I know first hand, what I have heard is true.  Hope to make this show again next year!!!

Looks like this guy has been coming for many, many years!!!

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