Fright Night Film Fest / Fandom Fest

One of my favorite horror conventions from last year was the Fright Night Film Fest. Ken and Myra Daniels who put on the show each year in Louisville, Ky have a very special show planned for 2011.

Not only will the show feature horror as in the past, but this year they are adding gaming, anime, an artist alley and pop culture and much more to the fun this year.

They already have an awesome line up and they are just getting started. Here are just some of the awesome guests that will be attending.

Guest Of Honor – John Carpenter

Tiffany Shepis

Susan Backlinie – Jaws’ first victim

Candy Clark – The Man Who Fell To Earth, American Graffiti, The Blob (1988) and Buffy The Vampire Slayers mom

Revenge Of The Nerds Reunion – Robert “Lewis” Carradine, Curtis “Booger” Armstrong and Donald “Ogre”  Gibb

Michael Baldwin – The Phantasm Series

Paul Lemat – America Graffitti, Puppet Master, Lonesome Dove

Cindy Williams – American Graffitti, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days

Henry Winkler – Happy Days

Jeremy Bulloch – Star Wars’ Boba Fett

The Zombies of The Walking Dead

And this is just the beginning!!! I will post more of the guest as they are announced. This promises to be one of the best conventions of the year!!

The Fright Night Film Fest / Fandom Fest takes place the weekend of July 22 – 24, 2011 at The Fern Valley Hotel and Conference Center.

Click here for the Fright Night Film Fest Website


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